Score First Inspiration

Dear O’s:

I took the Score First concept to heart this morning as I started my first race of the season.  Pacers Running stores held a Earth Day 5k in Silver Spring, MD, and I was one of the participants.  I started the race with a friend, but within a couple hundred yards it was obvious my pace was too slow for her, and we ran at our own paces.  It was at that time that I remembered that the O’s must score early and first in order to be in a better position to win.  I made sure that I did not stop because of that concept.  I’m not sure my stopping would have affected my time as my time was atrocious, but it would have affected my psyche.  I didn’t stop throughout the race because I wouldn’t do it in the beginning.  I was determined to not stop, and that was one of the accomplishments of today’s race.  It was my definition of Score First. 

It was also a gorgeous day for a race!  Besides my time, and my stride, which needs a lot of work, it was a great way to start the running season.  I just need to work harder; I need to channel my inner O’s.


Score First

Dear O’s, you and I have similar situations – we aren’t feeling the love in the start of our adventures.  Your adventures consist of innings, and mine consist of miles.  The tone of the adventure start sets the pace for the rest of it.  I know this intellectually, but I can’t seem to get my will to follow suit.  My first mile is slow, and I stop a lot.  I pick up speed on my next miles, but I still stop a lot.  It’s as if the finish line is the other team, and it’s always ahead of me.  I increase my speed, but stop a lot.  When I finish the run it is a bittersweet accomplishment.

I wish luck for both of us in our adventure starts – it looks like you are getting out of a slump, will you wish it for me?

Orioles/Twins Series

This was quite a roller coaster of a series, eh, O’s.  The losses were close, and some points of the wins were outstanding.

Thank you for such an enjoyable game to watch, yesterday.  My twin (we attend O’s/ twins games), myself, and my two nieces enjoyed our first in-stadium game of the year.  It’s relaxing to watch other people do all the hard work 🙂 . . . Also, it’s great to be familiar with the names of the players.  I felt like a bona fide fan when I told my twin insignificant information about the players which I picked up from the radio or 

It was cold, and it seemed like you all were shivering a little, too.  To be a responsible aunt during a cold evening I felt the need to buy my nieces the Orioles knit hats.  They have very stylish souvenirs for the winter season.  I think I saved them from catching colds 😉

I can’t wait to see you all in-stadium again.  Until then I hope you have a wonderful season!

P.S.  I couldn’t find any bobbleheads at the stores . . . I searched and searched and searched to no avail.  Maybe next time?



RIP Greta Waitz

It is a sad day in the women’s marathoning community as one of the great runners of my lifetime lost her battle with cancer.  I always considered her the face of women’s marathoning probably because when I first heard of marathoning she was winning or at least in most of the races. 

She is in my prayers.

Orioles/Indians (swept by)

Orioles, don’t feel so bad.  I think the cold and rainy April days are good reasons to consider April a warm up month.  If other teams sweep you in June then you should really worry.  Just think of all the Boston Marathoners today who didn’t establish PRs; then you will realize the amount of dissatisfaction you feel as a result of being swept in no way compares with the copious quantities of dissastisfaction felt by hundreds of people.  Actually, they should all be honored.  What a feat, eh!

I haven’t felt good for a few days. I think I pulled a side muscle or something.  Anyway, I was jealous of those who were outside running today.  Jealous, in an inspired way.  Maybe I should always prepare to run after work.  As I don’t have a car that would result in another bag of stuff I carry to work every day.  That’s quite a lifestyle change.   Maybe maybe . . .

Game 10: Orioles/Yankees

I had to stop listening to this after the 3rd inning or so, because I was feeling a residual effect from the previous losing seasons.  I’m sorry, Orioles.  It looks like I missed your runs, and the better pitching. 

After I switched to a Cubs/Astros game I didn’t think the O’s were doing that bad.

Today I was determined to run *strong.*   During my run I realized that to run strong was to enjoy myself.  I feel weak if I’m not enjoying myself, so the goal is to always enjoy myself. 

Running is voluntary.  As I run around beautiful DC it shouldn’t be that hard to enjoy myself.  The runners, softball players, kites, volleyball players, and kickball players were out in full force today.  It was a tremendously beautiful day for a run, and I enjoyed it very much.


Orioles 6 wins/3 losses

The latest series was exciting and numbing all at the same time.  Exciting because the O’s won the first game against the Rangers, and the O’s were the first team to win a game against the Rangers this year.  However, once games 2 and 3 rolled around, it seemed that the Rangers were just a better team.

For instance, there were many times during the 3rd game when 2 men were on base, with two outs, and the O’s wouldn’t score.  My twin and I agreed that Buck Showalter would probably discuss that issue with the O’s at the next opportune moment.  Oi!  Wouldn’t that make a manager mad?

I was outside running/walking for an hour.  At least half was walking.  I can’t wait until I’m so bored with walking, or so jazzed about my running, that I don’t walk during my *runs.*  There I will be cruising all over DC channeling my inner running-goddess.