March 2: Orioles (11) – Nationals (10)

Brob_030208_1BRob Baseball
It looks like BRob played March 2nd, but I’m not sure where to find his stats a day later.  Oh well, he’s creating news in other ways.

This almond biscotti recipe does not include a rising agent, and I was surprised at first.  However, as the recipe calls for one log instead of two, it made sense.  The more mass in the biscotti, then less it has to rise.  After going through this recipe, I don’t think that’s the best policy.

The dough formed nicely into a log, but after the baking it seemed bumpy instead of the butter melting nicely.  The bumps were probably from the almond pieces, though.  I don’t like this one-log baking method.  The biscotti were not baked enough after the first baking, and when I cut the log some pieces fell apart.  The second baking should be just to dry out the pieces, and not really a hard-and-fast baking.  If using these ingredients I would suggest a two-log method, with 350 or 375 degrees for the first bake, and 325 for the second bake.  I can appreciate butter in a biscotti recipe, but I can’t appreciate forcing a drop cookie into the semblance of a biscotti.  I had to bake this biscotti at least 10 minutes more than is stated in the recipe.  Nope, I don’t recommend it.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Benaroya Hall (October 22, 2003) – When I first heard the crowd start the CD it was like an internal alarm clock.  Some people’s internal alarm clocks sounds Time to make the donuts.  Mine sounds Time to bake the biscotti!  Just hearing the opening crowd noise, and I was all set to bake.

I was surprised that Lowlight appeared so early in the setlist.  Most of the setlist are songs that are more suitable for the sit down primarily acoustic set which makes sense for this sit down acoustic event.  (Nothing like EvenFlow, alas :))  I can’t say this is one of my favorite setlists, but I can understand the method behind the madness.  If I was laying on the floor looking at a ceiling fan for a couple hours this bootleg would be a great accompaniment.  If I was driving to this bootleg I hope that I wouldn’t be on a deserted highway or I would just zone. 

Throughout the past four years when I think of Masters of War, I think of the Bob Dylan’s 30th Anniversary special in 1992.  Other fans referenced this bootleg.  It makes sense to reference this bootleg for that song.  It’s an incredible version, and Eddie’s singing is right on spot as it is with Parting Ways.  When I first heard this bootleg the amount of guitars added a chaotic feel to Masters of War, and I didn’t get into it.  However, when I just listend to it I could totally appreciate this well done version.

The official bootleg is not for trade as it’s still being sold.



  1. Maria

    But don’t we want BRob to be traded to the Cubs? I know I do. I’m sick of this orange design business.

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