March 8: Orioles (1) – Mets (4)

Brob_030808BRob Baseball
Brian played!  Here’s a recap.  Here’s more.  I was listening to an audio clip from the Orioles site, and a MLB reporter assigned to the Orioles thinks Brian will definitely be traded before opening day.  Just go to this page, and then scroll down to multimedia, and listen to Fordin on O’s health, Roberts.

Almond Apricot Biscotti – as I baked this recipe I realized some of my downfalls.  One of which is that I give a recipe author the benefit of the doubt.  I questioned mixing those quarters of dried apricot going in the dough.  I thought they were too big, and as I folded over the dough I knew they were too big.  But NO, I kept with it!  I ended up throwing out the batch, because the chunks of apricots were too big, and I couldn’t in good conscience give them away.  As you can see by the biscotti next to the BRob Bobblehead, they did not mix evenly because of the folding, and the pieces were too big. 

This recipe had so much potential!  I loved most of the method until the apricot part.  It was so easy, but I would recommend that the apricots be processed, even until a goo.  Or process them with the almonds and some of the flour mixture.  Either way it’s has to be better than this way.  Then add them to the dough in a mixer, so that they are really incorporated.  I’m not a big fan of dried fruit chunks unless there’s a really good reason.  Dried cherries in the previous chocolate recipe worked, but these apricots should be more of a blend than a feature.  I still think it would have been a good taste, if the apricot taste was more evenly distributed.  Forget the wax paper step, just divide in two logs with sizes as noted in the recipe after taking out of the mixer.  It had a really nice secondary taste, like the aftertaste.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Champaign, Illinois, April 23, 2003.  You can download it here in post #8.  Very interesting it started with Do the Evolution.  As I wrote previously, the first song is a reflection of the setlist maker’s feel towards the concert.  This was an quirky song to start with.  Oddly enough when the new record is mentioned, it’s Riot Act.  Oh my my this concert’s almost 5 years old!  Technology – it’s crazy!

Corduroy continues to be a beginning song, and is always a good concert song with a nice Mike solo.  In Dissident Eddie’s voice shines through very nicely.  In Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town there is a nice audience participation, and recognition of the wonderful small towns in Illinois.  EvenFlow rocks as always, nice audience participation at end of JeremyYou Are is a great concert song.  I like it better live.  On the album I could take or leave it sometimes, but live it really fits.  Eddie was sounding tired in I Am Mine.  Mike sounded like he was shot from a cannon for HabitUntitled is always a nice transition as if it’s time to drive down Lake Shore Drive.  Right into MFC and Given to Fly which are my favorite songs, not my favorite live versions, though.  Porch was on fire, with nice give and take between Eddie and the audience.  I’m a fan of the Police, but Pearl Jam gave a nice turn to Driven to Tears.  The Police sing the song like a statement, and Pearl Jam’s version is like a question, it’s enticing.  The crowd sound embrace that I referenced in Lisbon #2 ’06 can be heard in Betterman, not as prominent, but still a nice feature to the presentation of the bootleg.

Crazy Mary was too slow and lifeless UNTIL BOOM . . . and MIKE.  Boom was the wake-up and Mike was the soulfoul response.  I like EvenFlow solos, but Crazy Mary always has good Mike solos.  In fact the Mike solo rescued this song along with Boom.  This may be my favorite Mike solo.  The entire concert is brought to you by the letter M for Mike!  If you are big on Mike solos, download this boot.  Pearl Jam doesn’t seem to stray too much from originals by other artists.  I don’t know Know Your Rights, but I’m assuming I wouldn’t like it just based on Pearl Jam’s rendition.  Black is a little colorless, it sounds acoustic (?), but the crowd added mightily to it almost like a ghost wanting to feel again, and then there’s Mike adding the soul.  Crowd was still at it in Baba O’Reilly



  1. Matthew

    I was at that show in Champaign, and it was really a fantastic crowd. Great experience. One of my three shows on that tour, along with St. Louis and Columbus.

    They probably played better in Columbus, but the experience in Champaign was top-notch.


  2. Maria

    Good to know. I’ll look into downloading the Columbus bootleg. I was living in Seattle at the time so I only saw the first stadium December 2002 show. – M

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