May 20: Orioles (12) – Yankees (2)

BRob got a triple, and I baked a batch of brownies.  I’ve baked the same recipe over and over and over and for some reason they ended up underbaked.  Hmmmm, we’ll they were suppose to last me a week or so – not sharing this batch.  I may have to trash them eventually.  I included white chocolate chips in the batter.  Also, I knitted quite a bit on a second sock.

I ran this morning, and I guess I’m running tomorrow, eh?  BRob gets a hit, and I run.

DCab has to stop hitting people.  Otherwise he is doing really well, it seems.  Congratulations, Orioles! 



  1. prljamfan

    I hope you get a chance to see them in Florida 🙂 I’ll be taking my niece to the DC show June 22.

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