Orioles 6 wins/3 losses

The latest series was exciting and numbing all at the same time.  Exciting because the O’s won the first game against the Rangers, and the O’s were the first team to win a game against the Rangers this year.  However, once games 2 and 3 rolled around, it seemed that the Rangers were just a better team.

For instance, there were many times during the 3rd game when 2 men were on base, with two outs, and the O’s wouldn’t score.  My twin and I agreed that Buck Showalter would probably discuss that issue with the O’s at the next opportune moment.  Oi!  Wouldn’t that make a manager mad?

I was outside running/walking for an hour.  At least half was walking.  I can’t wait until I’m so bored with walking, or so jazzed about my running, that I don’t walk during my *runs.*  There I will be cruising all over DC channeling my inner running-goddess.




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