Game 10: Orioles/Yankees

I had to stop listening to this after the 3rd inning or so, because I was feeling a residual effect from the previous losing seasons.  I’m sorry, Orioles.  It looks like I missed your runs, and the better pitching. 

After I switched to a Cubs/Astros game I didn’t think the O’s were doing that bad.

Today I was determined to run *strong.*   During my run I realized that to run strong was to enjoy myself.  I feel weak if I’m not enjoying myself, so the goal is to always enjoy myself. 

Running is voluntary.  As I run around beautiful DC it shouldn’t be that hard to enjoy myself.  The runners, softball players, kites, volleyball players, and kickball players were out in full force today.  It was a tremendously beautiful day for a run, and I enjoyed it very much.



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