Score First Inspiration

Dear O’s:

I took the Score First concept to heart this morning as I started my first race of the season.  Pacers Running stores held a Earth Day 5k in Silver Spring, MD, and I was one of the participants.  I started the race with a friend, but within a couple hundred yards it was obvious my pace was too slow for her, and we ran at our own paces.  It was at that time that I remembered that the O’s must score early and first in order to be in a better position to win.  I made sure that I did not stop because of that concept.  I’m not sure my stopping would have affected my time as my time was atrocious, but it would have affected my psyche.  I didn’t stop throughout the race because I wouldn’t do it in the beginning.  I was determined to not stop, and that was one of the accomplishments of today’s race.  It was my definition of Score First. 

It was also a gorgeous day for a race!  Besides my time, and my stride, which needs a lot of work, it was a great way to start the running season.  I just need to work harder; I need to channel my inner O’s.


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