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March 10: Orioles (3) – Dodgers (4)

Brob_031008_1 BRob Baseball
BRob stole bases!  Yippee!  Here’s more of the game recap.  Here are rumors for March 10th.

Honey and Almond Biscotti – not bad for screwing up the recipe.  😀  I accidentally added butter because I was previewing a different recipe.  I was psyched to add butter because then I could use my hands to mix up the dry ingredients with the butter, like playing in a sand box.  However, the recipe doesn’t call for butter, and the logs spread into each other during the first bake.  I decreased the first bake to 350 degrees at 25 minutes and I decreased the second temperature to 275 at 20 minutes, and they seem pretty good.  I can bring them up to my brother’s family tomorrow without a problem.  Next time i’ll try it the correct way as this has a very nice flavor.  I wouldn’t spread the egg on top even though the recipe calls for it.  They end up too brown.  At 375 they would be very brown and unappealing.  I use silipat instead of parchment paper or greasing a pan.  Usually, I can remove the silipat the instant the logs come out after the first baking.  However, with this screwed up dough I should have waited just a few minutes.  They cooled quickly enough that less of the final product would have been on the silipat instead of keeping with the dough.  Man, try to type when a kitty is trying to sleep on the computer.  It just pays to be stealth.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Newcastle, Australia, November 19, 2006.  You can download the boot here, in post #7.  As far as production/engineering this is the best sounding bootleg so far.  Also, the setlist was created by Mark Richards, and towards the end Eddie designated this concert the Triannual Newcastle Mark Richards Invitational.

Started with Alive, which is definitely mixing it up as Alive is usually one of the last 5 or so songs.  Severed Hand had a great musical introduction.  Because the production quality was so good I didn’t want to miss parts like I may when I’m baking.  I restarted the CD at least 3 times.  I have to start listening to PJ when I’m not baking.  At work is a little better.  There is a call back and response on Save You.  The first note of Unemployable gets me ready for a rocker, but it doesn’t materialize.  I like the song, but I think it’s a better CD song.  During Daughter I heard some of the crowd embrace I referenced in other posts.  Did Eddie forget the words to Do the Evolution or was he just being funny.  I haven’t heard many screw ups, yet.  Or maybe that’s when my dishwasher is on full volume so I wouldn’t notice 😀  This is obviously not a Lost Dog crowd.  Aha!  Rearviewmirror still chosen before an encore.  There is a lot of spoken love for the surfing.  Nice crowd embrace during Master’s of War which is a groovy version.  It’s not the most powerful rendition, but it reflects the soul quality of the concert, which is the reason this bootleg is recommended.  If the production quality was less the grooviness of the concert would not have been as pronounced and the bootleg not as good.  3 people got 2277 signatures for Pearl Jam to play there.  Grassroots at it’s best, eh?!  Best version of Alone that I heard so far.  Mike was loving Even Flow.  The Little Wing at the end of Yellow LedBetter was great.  Really good version.  Eddie said, Feels more like a party than a concert!


March 9: Orioles (7) – Marlins (3)

Brob_030908BRob Baseball
BRob didn’t play.  You can find the recap hereBlogs, blogs everywhere!  I’m glad there is broohaha regarding the BRob trade.  If I couldn’t look for trade rumors, I’d have to pay more attention to the games 😀  First, I would read the Orioles MLB Fan Forum page, then find a Pearl Jam fan who is a baseball fan, who can educate me on the good the bad, and the Are You for Real of baseball.  I was a Yankees fan when they won the World Series in 1977.  What else is there?

I couldn’t wait to try out this Parmesan Black-Pepper biscotti.  It just SOUNDS great, doesn’t it.  Just like something you want to put on the side of a salad, or use to sop up extra spaghetti sauce from a holiday meal.  The recipe did not disappoint.

First, the black peppercorns.  It sounds kindof elitist to include a step to process black peppercorns when it’s easier to buy black pepper.  I did it anyway.  I put the 1.5 TBL of black peppercorns in the food processor and next to nothing happened.  The blade kept missing most of the peppercorns.  Then I put in a handful, and I got a bingo!  Even though many of the peppercorns were not processed, I just put what was in the food processor through a strainer and ended up with very nice black pepper spice; uniform in color, pungent, and fresh.  When you add the butter to the dry ingredients, just use your entire hands to mix it up.  It’s like playing in the sand box.  I thought that to make the ingredients into the coarse meal size that I should only use my fingertips, and work them very fast.  Eh, what’s the rush?  Try the whole hand, and make sure it is a distance from you that will not hurt your wrists.  Just go at it and have fun.  The entire hand will melt the butter.  I would recommend these.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Philadelphia, October 3, 2005 aka Philly 05Download from post #2, and expect greatness!  This bootleg is brought to you by the letters M and E as in ME!  This concert blew my mind!  It was the 9th Pearl Jam show I’d seen, and it was the first time that I realized that Pearl Jam is a truly exceptional concert band.  Before this show I would wait for the albums more than the concert tours.  The first 6 shows I saw were in Seattle and not very remarkable.  Remember Seattle is NOT the Gorge at George.  Then I saw a couple in St. John’s Newfoundland which were enjoyable, but there you go.  During this entire time my favorite concerts were a Bruce Springsteen concert and a Paul Simon concert.  Then there was Philly ’05, and it was truly life altering – a baptism of sorts. 

The setlist started with WashWash is a Lost Dog.  Again, what was the setlist creater thinking?  He knew that the crowd was comprised of dedicated Pearl Jam fans that would be loyal enough to buy a Bsides Rarities album like Lost Dogs.  Have you heard of Lost Dogs?  I suggest you try it out, it’s a great addition to the Pearl Jam CD catalog.  It’s apparent the show would be different from others just by starting with a Lost DogBrain of J was incredible!  Eddie saying later We were waiting for you, too when they went into Given to Fly.  As I was listening to the bootleg it was hard not to shout Yes! or Oh Yes! or Ohmygawd!, you know stuff like that.  I don’t remember most of the concert, but I remember that it was excellent.  This will probably be the only bootleg I transfer to my iPod shuffle. 

EvenFlow had some crowd noise Yeah, and Eddie saying Red Rover Red Rover Let Mike McCready Take Over, and Mike flowed into fireYea crowd, go crowd go!  More Eddie talk Well, that’s the Philadelphia we know and love right there.  Also, We’re picking songs tonight that we don’t play every night.  We’re just wondering if that’s what you want to hear.  Answer YES!  The men were present:  Leatherman, Better Man, Nothingman.  I don’t see  how this concert couldn’t stand up to European concerts.  I remember not knowing Bleed for Me either during the show or while listening to the bootleg.  It was a gap in understanding then and now.  The relationship between the band and the crowd could be explained with a metaphor:  Say, you drive 3 states north for the summer home you bought a few years ago.  You stay at this home for at least a month maybe 2 every summer.  A few years before you moved in another person bought their summer home 2 doors down from you.  They drive 3 states east to get there.  Since the homes are relatively close together when there is a nice sunset, and you see the neighbor the next day on your daily walk you both bring it up.  You don’t mix like relatives, but it’s a trust in the season, the time.  This neighbor sees you and knows that summer has begun.  This neighbor has been waiting all year for this time.  You see your neighbor and you know that summer has began; it’s what you have been waiting for all year.  That’s like the relationship I saw between Pearl Jam and Philadelphia that night.

I wish I could hear Harvest Moon live again.  I remember that I disagreed with Eddie when he considered Mary in Crazy Mary crazy (she’s just misunderstood), but I forgot about the payback he received.  Stone, you trooper! 

There is a nice story from Eddie on how Philadelphia helped Last Kiss become famous, and consequently money was raised for Kosovo victims.  Eddie introduced Do the Evolution as Leash.  That funny man!  hahahahahahahaha.  I LoVE Rockin’ in the Free World and Yellow Ledbetter as endings.

If given the option of a last meal or a last listen to this bootleg before I deparated this life, I would take listening to this bootleg.  Me, the one who bakes, and loves to eat.  Yep, it’s that good!

March 8: Orioles (1) – Mets (4)

Brob_030808BRob Baseball
Brian played!  Here’s a recap.  Here’s more.  I was listening to an audio clip from the Orioles site, and a MLB reporter assigned to the Orioles thinks Brian will definitely be traded before opening day.  Just go to this page, and then scroll down to multimedia, and listen to Fordin on O’s health, Roberts.

Almond Apricot Biscotti – as I baked this recipe I realized some of my downfalls.  One of which is that I give a recipe author the benefit of the doubt.  I questioned mixing those quarters of dried apricot going in the dough.  I thought they were too big, and as I folded over the dough I knew they were too big.  But NO, I kept with it!  I ended up throwing out the batch, because the chunks of apricots were too big, and I couldn’t in good conscience give them away.  As you can see by the biscotti next to the BRob Bobblehead, they did not mix evenly because of the folding, and the pieces were too big. 

This recipe had so much potential!  I loved most of the method until the apricot part.  It was so easy, but I would recommend that the apricots be processed, even until a goo.  Or process them with the almonds and some of the flour mixture.  Either way it’s has to be better than this way.  Then add them to the dough in a mixer, so that they are really incorporated.  I’m not a big fan of dried fruit chunks unless there’s a really good reason.  Dried cherries in the previous chocolate recipe worked, but these apricots should be more of a blend than a feature.  I still think it would have been a good taste, if the apricot taste was more evenly distributed.  Forget the wax paper step, just divide in two logs with sizes as noted in the recipe after taking out of the mixer.  It had a really nice secondary taste, like the aftertaste.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Champaign, Illinois, April 23, 2003.  You can download it here in post #8.  Very interesting it started with Do the Evolution.  As I wrote previously, the first song is a reflection of the setlist maker’s feel towards the concert.  This was an quirky song to start with.  Oddly enough when the new record is mentioned, it’s Riot Act.  Oh my my this concert’s almost 5 years old!  Technology – it’s crazy!

Corduroy continues to be a beginning song, and is always a good concert song with a nice Mike solo.  In Dissident Eddie’s voice shines through very nicely.  In Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town there is a nice audience participation, and recognition of the wonderful small towns in Illinois.  EvenFlow rocks as always, nice audience participation at end of JeremyYou Are is a great concert song.  I like it better live.  On the album I could take or leave it sometimes, but live it really fits.  Eddie was sounding tired in I Am Mine.  Mike sounded like he was shot from a cannon for HabitUntitled is always a nice transition as if it’s time to drive down Lake Shore Drive.  Right into MFC and Given to Fly which are my favorite songs, not my favorite live versions, though.  Porch was on fire, with nice give and take between Eddie and the audience.  I’m a fan of the Police, but Pearl Jam gave a nice turn to Driven to Tears.  The Police sing the song like a statement, and Pearl Jam’s version is like a question, it’s enticing.  The crowd sound embrace that I referenced in Lisbon #2 ’06 can be heard in Betterman, not as prominent, but still a nice feature to the presentation of the bootleg.

Crazy Mary was too slow and lifeless UNTIL BOOM . . . and MIKE.  Boom was the wake-up and Mike was the soulfoul response.  I like EvenFlow solos, but Crazy Mary always has good Mike solos.  In fact the Mike solo rescued this song along with Boom.  This may be my favorite Mike solo.  The entire concert is brought to you by the letter M for Mike!  If you are big on Mike solos, download this boot.  Pearl Jam doesn’t seem to stray too much from originals by other artists.  I don’t know Know Your Rights, but I’m assuming I wouldn’t like it just based on Pearl Jam’s rendition.  Black is a little colorless, it sounds acoustic (?), but the crowd added mightily to it almost like a ghost wanting to feel again, and then there’s Mike adding the soul.  Crowd was still at it in Baba O’Reilly

March 7: Orioles (12) – Red Sox (2)

Brob_030708BRob Baseball
BRob played today.  Yippee!  For more information, please visit here.  Here is a blog post of someone who doesn’t see the value of the trade at this time.

Hazelnut-cinnamon biscotti.  Although the biscotti tasted good, and I appreciate the zest for adventure, I don’t agree that biscotti, or any cookie, should be mixed in a food processor.  Don’t do it, invest in a mixer, either stand or hand held.  The butter and sugar couldn’t really get fluffy because they were constantly being sliced, and when I added the eggs it was just soupy, and created a mess when I removed the top of the food processor (after I turned it off of course :))  The hazelnuts were not evenly distributed throughout the dough, and there was a slice like division within the dough so that I couldn’t close the seams the way I wanted.  Bottom line, use a mixer.  The cinnamon isn’t a contrasting flavor as it’s not very pronounced.  Either try the real thing and grind it yourself, or add another contrasting flavor.  This is a good basic flavored biscotti, though.  The hazelnuts have a nice rich, but not overpowering flavor.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Reading Festival, August 27, 2006 – you can download it here from post #6.  I’m trying to do a few things at once, including baking and listening to a Pearl Jam bootleg, and ultimately I’m not able to listen as attentively as I would wish.  I probably will listen to bootlegs more at work when I’m doing a lot of computer work.  Although it’s still background music at least the concert wouldn’t have to compete with a food processor or dishwasher. 

Rocking setlist.  Good Do the Evolution into Animal with audience participation.  Eddie was very careful with the audience telling them to be very careful with each other.  Very nice Mikeness during Severed Hand.  I love that song!  What a great concert song.  No wonder they play it so much.  I thought the solos in Even Flow were different, but not as concert-enjoyable as LEEDS described earlier.  I guess I’ll always compare one bootleg to another.  Sometimes it’s hard to see them as separate concerts/records.  Oh well!  Life goes on.

Sad was done at a nice speed.  The concert didn’t seem to be turbo like at LEEDS.  When I am Mine came on for some reason I became very focused, like I had to really pay attention to what I was doing, and not just because I was tempering eggs.  It had a time-to-get-focused sound to it.  I never thought that before.  If there is an extended RearviewMirror, as at Reading, then I surmise it’s right before an encore.  The bandmembers really play into this song, and not just play it.  Eddie comes out with a ukele, and we get some crowd action accompanying the ukele 🙂  Towards the end there were nicely spoken thank yous all around.

March 6: Orioles (7) – Twins (8)

Brob_030608BRob Baseball
BRob didn’t play.  However, I’m not the only blogger who wants more action, and accountability by GMs and owners.  This is my favorite blog post.  I changed the style back to the Orioles because I didn’t like the blue sidebar with the Cardinals template. 

Chocolate cherry biscotti – the dried cherries added a sweet tart taste.  It was a good flavor.  I didn’t wait an entire hour between bakings.  They smushed a little, so maybe they needed the entire hour.  If you have time, definitely wait, but they were still good.

The best part about the baking experience was the flying sugar!  I only found Demerara sugar sold in cubes.  I filled short of a cup with the sugarcubes as the space between the sugarcubes accounted for the difference between a full cup and 3/4 cup.  As I was mixing them with the butter, some were flying out of the bowl, and one hit the Brian Roberts bobblehead!  Luckily I had plenty of extra sugarcubes 🙂  That was fun to see – BEWARE OF FLYING SUGARCUBES!  I’d recommend this recipe.  It wasn’t too hard in texture.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Katowice, Poland, June 16, 2000  I heard that this is one of Mike McCready’s favorite bootlegs, and others had recommended it.  Actually, I heard ever since it happened that the crowd reaction was so incredible that it was a must have.  I also heard that the stadium wasn’t even close to being filled, and that made the experience intimate.

On this disc the mixing must be different than the most recent tours because the lead vocals just stand out.  There seems to be more of a distance between the lead vocals and the other instruments.  Eddie sounded great!  Also, he talked a lot, and I couldn’t hear what he said most of the time, unfortunately unless I turned it up really loud.  At least the crowd laughed.  Animal stands out, and the Daughter tag with Another Brick in the Wall gave me chills.  The crowd was given a chance to shine after that song.  Before Off He Goes, Eddie said, This is a song about being friends with an a**hole.  What a card, that Eddie!  MFC was great!  I love that song.  I don’t remember if I’ve seen it live before, but I hope to, that’s for sure.  Once I could hear Eddie’s words when he spoke to the crowd then it was a more enjoyable bootleg.  He was mumbling less as the concert progressed, and seemed genuinely interested in being understood.  Soldier of Love is a very cool song!  I don’t remember hearing it before.  After Yellow Ledbetter the crowd was still energetic, singing and chanting.  Did the band have a hard time leaving?  I wonder if the bootleg (post #3) did the concert justice.  I’m guessing it didn’t.

March 5: Orioles (1) – Marlins (2)

Brob_030508BRob Baseball
BRob didn’t play.  However, let’s find some juicy gossip.  It was one of these days when I was annoyed with the Well, that’s they way things are run attitude by MLB GMs and owners.  It’s a great attitude to use when you underpay someone like Nick Markakis, and it’s a great attitude to use when pushingpulling a player for months and months like BRob.  Go ahead GMs and Owners, continue to deny you are the ones that gave rise to the rumors, and continue to not take responsibility for the ensuing chaos!  After all this ridiculousness regarding BRob, and the underpaying of great young players, I realize No wonder there’s a Player’s Union!  Hopefully, they do their job.  Also, if the salary cap of players was ever given to a public vote, I would be dead set against it.  People aren’t going to look at GMs and Owners for inspiration.

This recipe was not as hard in texture as other biscotti, but it was good.  The orange flavor did not come through too much.  I didn’t have orange peel (must use organic), and the orange juice I used was from a container.  I used 1 tsp orange extract, and 2 Tble of orange juice.  I don’t agree that every biscotti recipe has to have liquor, and I refuse to buy liquor for a recipe, as the bottle just sits in my place, and takes up room.  Now, if I was baking many many recipes with the same liquor I’d look into it.  I didn’t make these biscotti at my place, as I was visiting my twin, so I didn’t put the time into tempering the eggs.  I would recommend you temper the eggs.  The eggs mix better when they are room temperature.

If ever you want to add a sultriness to an experience, make sure you bring along roasted pecans.  I knew this already, but this recipe is just another great example of the beauty of roasted pecans.  They flavor embraces-like-a-hug the space inside your mouth when it is eaten.  The orange flavor wasn’t very strong, still good though.  I would recommend these.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Lisbon, Portugal, September 5, 2006.  Download it here in post #6.  I interviewed someone who attended this concert for a zine, and I wanted to hear it ever since.  Also, other people recommended it.  Unfortunately, this concert had a particular sound because I was listening to it on my laptop.  It sounded like it had been through a strainer, and then the threads of sound were put back together with space in between.  The low toned glue of sound wasn’t very apparent.  However, this was still a great bootleg!

This concert is brought to you by the letters M and C, or MC.  Matt and Crowd, or Matt Cameron, or Mega-Crowd.  Matt’s singing and playing were more evident on this bootleg.  Obviously he always does both, but his mic picked it up more, and he had a solo in EvenFlow in which he showed his skill.  The crowd sang a Portugese song after EvenFlow, and that was pretty cool.

Great reaction from the crowd, great setlist.  Mike’s solo during Corduroy is something to look forward to.  Eddie sounded really good during Hail Hail, like he was grabbing goodness with his voice.  The first song of a setlist seems to reflect the setlist maker’s perspective of that concert.  This concert started energetic with Severed Hand.  At World Wide Suicide something happened to the sound on the bootleg, like it stepped down a notch. 

Then the Portuguese words by Eddie.  I LOVE THAT!  That is so cool!  Talk about an ambassador of goodwill.  Is it routine that bands add that to the concert banter?  I don’t know.  I just know that Eddie took steps to write on the same page with the crowd, and the crowd responded accordingly.  I don’t know what he said 🙂

One very interesting note about this bootleg, and the crowd – when Eddie sings, and you can hear the crowd, it’s not like the crowd is a stop off, but rather the bootleg captures the moment.  The sound of the crowd is not an echo, but a truly beautiful continuation.  Look for it in State of Love and Trust during I do this one myself.

The bass seems ominous in Garden.  It turned a complete song into parts.  In Sad, the guitar seemed to be happy!  There was some crowd participation between Sad and Daughter that added character to the concert.  One highlight is that the crowd did their own tag during Daughter, and Eddie went with it.  The band flowed with the crowd.  That was cool!  I liked I Believe in Miracles fast.  I heard it on Benaroya, and no wonder it was slow.  Once pulled me from a funk.  There was a loud sing-a-long to Footsteps which surprised me as there wasn’t one to Sad.  Not everyone listens to Lost Dogs, but I guess enough do in Portugal, eh?  Mike seemed to have fun during Alive, and so did the crowd!  Neither the band nor the crowd seemed tired at the end.  There must be good food in Portugal, eh?!

March 4: Orioles (10) – Cardinals (2)

Brob_030408_1BRob Baseball
Yea!  BRob played.  Here’s the recap and the beginning lineup.  What could a BRob post be without rumors?  Because I’m posting the games days after they occured, it’s interesting to see how the rumors develop and morph over time.

No disrespect to BRob, but I’m more of a Cardinals fan than an Orioles fan.  Also, the Cardinals have nicer colors.  I realized why I didn’t like the Orioles uniforms – it’s the orange.  It’s earthy and blends with the surroundings.  It doesn’t stand out.  Now, RED, there’s something to look at.  So, in honor of my parents 50 years of being Cardinals fans, I’m changing this to the Cardinals format. . . hopefully, I’ll change it to Cubs soon . . . I definitely have choice words on that situations.


This is a good tasting biscotti.  However, no matter how good they tasted, I’m not convinced of the multiple-format options of forming biscotti.  Also, it’s tough to use a recipe without ounces instead of cups.  I already had almonds slivered and roasted, and the recipe calls for 3/4 cups whole almonds.  If it was ounces the weight before they were slived would be the weight after they were slivered, and I wouldn’t have to guess.  Note to self – if I ever create a cookbook, must includes ounces.

Biscotti should be formed into logs not into pans – that’s a shortbread, not a biscotti.  Biscotti should be formed by hand.  I formed the dough into a log, and it spread so that the biscotti were very flat.  Again, they tasted really good, but there needs to be an adjustment so that the biscotti are actually biscotti.  The flavor almost has a maple syrupness to it, and the almond flavor didn’t really come through because the ginger was so prevalent.  Tastes like spicy gingerbread.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
San Diego, July 7, 2006, which is a bootleg that was recommended at least 2 times by other fans.  I consider this the golden rule of 2.  If at least 2 people recommend a bootleg during my short searches, then that’s it!  The best place to download this bootleg is here in post #5.

This concert was a story.  When I first started to hear it, I didn’t think the sound was as good as ones I’ve heard recently.  I was trying to see why it could be such a coveted bootleg, and yet there was a tiredness about it. 

One part of the story is that I want to bring all of my nieces/nephew to a PJ concert.  I get good seats thanks to my tenclub number and it’s probably the best thing I could offer them, and share with them.  Those experiences would become ongoing Thanksgiving coversations.  My twin’s daughters first PJ experiences were not live, though!  They were in the room when I was listening to this, and I think that’s pretty cool!  Yippee for internet travelling high-quality bootlegs 🙂  Also, the setlist was great.  No doubt about it, if bootleggers rely solely on setlist this would be up there.  Mike was on fire when given the chance.  The crowd seemed to put some spark in Eddie’s eyes during Better Man as he said the sound was f***ing beautiful after they sang it to him.  Satan’s Bed had a nice crowd reaction, and Eddie introduced it with meanings I never thought about.  You Are is a good concert groovy tune, just sway to it, and get your mindset back to square one for the next song.  In other words, it’s grounding for those that lost their way up to that point. 

Always, there are introductions to songs that continue the meaning, and it’s meaning that is the key.  For instance, in front of RearviewMirror Eddie sang, Never Going Back Again.  Anyone who would understand the situation the song is about would be validated in that choice.

The concert for me basically started after the first encore, and I would recommend the bootleg for the first encore alone.  Eddie spoke a while, and mentioned that there were health issues the previous concert.  No wonder he sounded tired.  He continued into describing how Long Road (words not available for some reason) came into fruition.  Stories like that pique my interest, and it made the song more moving.  The band seemed to have more energy as did the crowd.  All ended energetically throughout the stadium as evidenced on the bootleg.