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Orioles/Indians (swept by)

Orioles, don’t feel so bad.  I think the cold and rainy April days are good reasons to consider April a warm up month.  If other teams sweep you in June then you should really worry.  Just think of all the Boston Marathoners today who didn’t establish PRs; then you will realize the amount of dissatisfaction you feel as a result of being swept in no way compares with the copious quantities of dissastisfaction felt by hundreds of people.  Actually, they should all be honored.  What a feat, eh!

I haven’t felt good for a few days. I think I pulled a side muscle or something.  Anyway, I was jealous of those who were outside running today.  Jealous, in an inspired way.  Maybe I should always prepare to run after work.  As I don’t have a car that would result in another bag of stuff I carry to work every day.  That’s quite a lifestyle change.   Maybe maybe . . .