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March 19: Orioles (3) – Cardinals (12)

Brob_0301908BRob Baseball
I’m not sure how he did, but it doesn’t look like most did that well.  You can find the recap here.  With good reason fans of the Cubs are laughing at Any McPhail and Jim Hendry.  The on-going process of this almost-not-really trade doesn’t seem professional – stringing along not just one player, but many players from both camps.

Well, brownies again, actually.  Same recipe as last post, but without the white chocolate chips, and walnuts.  It’s from the King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion, and they are called the On-the-Fence Brownies.  It was a co-workers birthday and I thought he would appreciate brownies more.  Although I have cake flour I wasn’t able to rush a cake together.  My other co-workers created a card with stamp-pad-imprints of our thumbprints that we turned into dogs and lions and cats Ohmy!

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Albany, New York, May 12, 2006.  You can download it here in post #4.  The crowd was ready from the getgo.  Severed Hand sounded really good.  Go Mikey Go!  Eddie spoke a lot before Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town.  Eddie sounded good.  The crowd was tracking along right with the band.  For Given to Fly there was a lot of energy from Mike, Matt and the crowd.  There was a crowd embrace through the bootleg on the fullest notes.  I was singing along right with it 🙂

Eddie talked before Red MosquitoEvenFlow had a nice crowd/band experience shine through the bootleg.  Nice kudos from Stone to Matt.  Nice crowd presence call and response for Daughter with the Another Brick in the Wall tag.  Crowd sounded like they were getting tired during Jeremy.  Before the encore Eddie said, Some of the people up front . . . I see the same ******* people everywhere we go!  Eddie describes the process of setlist making and calls the most avid fans freaks, but it’s meant as a compliment.

I wish I could see You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away live.  The crowd was right there tracking with the band.  Satan’s Bed is not the best concert song.  It doesn’t translate well for the bootleg as it seems a little chaotic.  This one’s for the freaks Eddie said before heading into Rats.  I like Rats 🙂  However, it seems that the bandmembers weren’t on the same page with the start (?)

I like the groovy beginning to PorchPorch is a great song to zone to and let the sound just carry you around.  It’s an inside-a-very-fast-car song, except when it’s time for a call and response.  Crowd missed a solo, but made up nicely in Last KissSad has a nice tempo for the end of a concert.  There was a slight screw up during Crazy Mary, there was a crowd embrace, a little weak.  The guitar sounded a little off during the beginning of Alive.  The crowd didn’t take the cue to sing, at least as evidenced by the bootleg production.  There was more crowd embrace at the end.  Chaotic finish.  All instruments in different directions.  The chant was there.  Eddie said You’re Great!, Albany!  Interesting, night, eh?

This bootleg was recommended, and it’s worthy of a recommendation.  However, after typing my notes it seems that it definitely wasn’t spot on, eh?


March 18: Orioles (2) – Twins (4)

Brob_031808_1BRob Baseball
BRob didn’t play, and he’s still an Oriole.

Actually, brownies.  I use the On the Fence Brownies recipe from the King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion, which is my favorite cookie cookbook.  I don’t add as much salt in my recipe.  For this version I included white chocolate chips, and walnuts.  I would have added pecans, but I didn’t have enough.  I was going to use the white chocolate chips for a biscotti recipe, and the walnuts for a different biscotti recipe, but it just seemed like a brownie type of day.  Good thing I didn’t give these away.  The bag of shelled walnuts included bits of shell.  Time to shell my own!

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Adelaide #1, Australia, November 21, 2006.  You can download it here in post #7.  This setlist was created by Stone.  Yippee for Stone!  Started with Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town.  Eddie sang, All the changes taking place, here in Adelaide, and My God!  It’s been three years (I think that’s the last time Pearl Jam played there).   Crowd knew this song.

Eddie sounded like he was reading from a paper with God’s Dice, and he sounded like he was struggling during Once.  They played Immortality, and there was a crowd embrace!  Wishlist had extra wishes about Adelaide in the end.  Many things rhyme with the aide in Adelaide.  During Even Flow you can feel Matt’s energy the most.  Even Mike took a while to get into it, but once he did it was fun to listen to.  It would be great to listen to in a fast car.  After Severed Hand I almost stopped listening to the bootleg but I persevered.  The quality of the bootleg was good, but Eddie sounded not so strong more on that later.  There was a chant Let Stone Sing!  Three cheers for the crowd during Beds are Burning and War.  Mikeness in Why GoGiven to Fly and Corduroy had some life.  The encore took it up a notch.  Eddie said I’m not sure where we are going to take you tonight, but we aren’t there yet.  There was a revised version of No Woman No Cry for the new parents No Baby No Cry.  I wonder if that song was cut off too fast.  It ended abruptly.  Crowd knew Better Man, but it’s still a little off.  Crowd knew Black, which sounded tired, but there was a long call and response.  Crowd kept the band honest.  Life Wasted was around the time I wanted to hang the bootleg up and be done.  I was starting to think of Eddie feeling bad in San Diego 06.  Eddie said, Adelaide, you have been incredibly kind to this band in the past, and also tonight, and we thank you very much.  There is a crowd embrace during Last Kiss

Here comes Stone!  Hey, Adelaide, thank you!   And, I’ll sing for you . . . Thank you to Ed . . . he’s sicker than a dog . . he’s an amazing person.

Nice last ditch effort by Eddie for Baba O’Riley.  He said, See you next time.  Take care of each other.  Thank you for taking care of us.  Poor guy.  I had a feeling he was sick.  It must be hard to sing live while sick.