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Game #2 Orioles/Rays

Kudos to the pitchers.  As with the first game of the season we are witnessing a rebirth of the pitching game.  I didn’t know this until someone pointed it out during the telecast, but it makes sense.

The O’s highlights were the Pie throw to home; BRob’s homer, and the Pie/Jones/Markakis jump-bump celebrating the win.  That was too cute.

I ran three miles of which only one was non-stop, but at least one was non-stop.  The rest I ran at a faster pace than my non-stop pace as that was the focus.  I’m excited about my potential.  What is fast now will be average for me at a later date, which due to this marathon training may be sooner than later.  I’m very excited about how my running lifestyle will form as the season progresses.