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Score First

Dear O’s, you and I have similar situations – we aren’t feeling the love in the start of our adventures.  Your adventures consist of innings, and mine consist of miles.  The tone of the adventure start sets the pace for the rest of it.  I know this intellectually, but I can’t seem to get my will to follow suit.  My first mile is slow, and I stop a lot.  I pick up speed on my next miles, but I still stop a lot.  It’s as if the finish line is the other team, and it’s always ahead of me.  I increase my speed, but stop a lot.  When I finish the run it is a bittersweet accomplishment.

I wish luck for both of us in our adventure starts – it looks like you are getting out of a slump, will you wish it for me?


RIP Greta Waitz

It is a sad day in the women’s marathoning community as one of the great runners of my lifetime lost her battle with cancer.  I always considered her the face of women’s marathoning probably because when I first heard of marathoning she was winning or at least in most of the races. 

She is in my prayers.

Game #4 Orioles/Tigers

I have a soft spot in my heart for the Tigers.  My family lived in Mt. Clemons and West Bloomfield at different points during my early years.  Two of my sisters and I graduated from the University of Michigan, and Detroit is my parents’ favorite city. 

I’m happy with how the Orioles played, and it’s awesome that BRob hit a 3-run homer again.  I don’t usually get to see the Tigers in action, so this game was quite a treat.  My favorite image of the game, is the one showing Pie/Jones/Markakis jumping up and bumping again.  I love the images of them doing that. 

Athletes inspire us when they do well, but they also inspire us when they pull themselves up from the pit of despair.  I need a little inspiring right now.  This was definitely an off day for running.  My colleague and I were all ready to run, and 50 ft into it, I decided to stop and head back to the office. 

As I waited for her to get back, and as I walked to the metro, and during the ride home on the metro, I pondered the manifestation of my demons.  How could my lack of confidence be so sharp – why couldn’t I trust myself to be stronger than I have been?

Then I revisited the 50 ft I ran, and between 30 and 50 ft my shins hurt.  I didn’t stretch before hand, and it was obvious.  So, was it really demons pestering me that made me stop, or was I being an angel to myself by stopping before I hurt my shins further?  I decided to cut myself some slack, and realize it was a combination of the two.  I’ll make sure to stretch properly in the future. 

I must prepare for this race mostly on my own – it’s difficult to be on someone’s schedule.  I don’t want to feel bad if I can’t keep up, and the other person slows down to accommodate me.  Also, if I run on my own I can listen to as many Pearl Jam bootlegs as I want . . .  

Game #3 Orioles/Rays

Congratulations to Zach Britton on his major-league debut.  And, congratulations to the O’s for keeping their sites on the sweep.  I don’t like to say one team swept another as it adds a negative element to the entire process.  However, I guess that’s what the baseball players are saying, eh?

I decided that today was the day I would eat my last bag of frito-lay products until the end of the marathon.  As I walked from work to the metro with the orange tips of my fingers dipping and dipping into the bag of cheese puffs I wondered, Why am I doing this?  This evaluation of my actions compared to those of what I consider to be the actions of a runner is quite the lifestyle change.

For instance, I decided to complete a coffee adventure after work.  Because I completed a coffee adventure after work, I didn’t have time to run.  I have to recognize what time is most important for completing what activity.  During baseball season I should run in the night, except on weekends.  I should wake up early to travel to coffee adventures.  I printed out some pages from Yelp.com of brunch places that open at 6am . . . to get the ball rolling.

Game #2 Orioles/Rays

Kudos to the pitchers.  As with the first game of the season we are witnessing a rebirth of the pitching game.  I didn’t know this until someone pointed it out during the telecast, but it makes sense.

The O’s highlights were the Pie throw to home; BRob’s homer, and the Pie/Jones/Markakis jump-bump celebrating the win.  That was too cute.

I ran three miles of which only one was non-stop, but at least one was non-stop.  The rest I ran at a faster pace than my non-stop pace as that was the focus.  I’m excited about my potential.  What is fast now will be average for me at a later date, which due to this marathon training may be sooner than later.  I’m very excited about how my running lifestyle will form as the season progresses.

Game #1 Orioles/Rays

I disconnected my cable a couple years ago because I only watched it for the Orioles.  I was at first happy to see all of the other options, but then when I saw all of the reruns of so many different shows, I felt that I was had or tricked.

However, I still want to see the Orioles play.  I subscribed to the MLB.tv with the expectation that i will be able to see the Orioles live.  Unfortunately, I didn’t read the grey print, as unfortunately I am not able to see the Orioles play live.  MBL.tv is not allowed to show the game of the club market.   Basically, I can’t see my team live.

It’s not as bad as it would appear.  I don’t have to worry about being home at 7:10pm on weekdays.  This is good news as I run after work, and I was worried that I would choose the O’s game over training for my marathon.  Now, I don’t have the excuse 🙂

Also, if I come home later I can watch a game during central time, or if I come home very late I can watch a game during pacific time.  Also, i can watch the O’s archived games. 

I’ll still be able to knit to baseball games, they just may be the Phillies or the Mariners or the Cardinals . . . we’ll see. 

I ran two miles today.  I broke it up into bits, as I’m trying to become comfortable with a faster pace.  I just won’t let myself run 26.2 miles on survival shuffle.  That doesn’t sound like fun.