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Game #5: Orioles/Tigers

I’m sorry to hear that you lost, O’s, but you’re still in a great position to take the major league baseball world by storm. 

I’ve been sidelined by my lack of inspiration to run.  I decided to use the time I should be running, by doing something that reflects my thinking about running.

Click on http://www.tweetchat.com and enter #runtopearljam in the search box.  Within the results you will see how my enthusiasm for Pearl Jam infiltrated my running.  I LOVE to run to Pearl Jam.  Although I don’t like to think about what running I have to do – it makes me tired thinking about the running I have to do – once I’m doing it I’m usually running to Pearl Jam, and life is much better.



Game #4 Orioles/Tigers

I have a soft spot in my heart for the Tigers.  My family lived in Mt. Clemons and West Bloomfield at different points during my early years.  Two of my sisters and I graduated from the University of Michigan, and Detroit is my parents’ favorite city. 

I’m happy with how the Orioles played, and it’s awesome that BRob hit a 3-run homer again.  I don’t usually get to see the Tigers in action, so this game was quite a treat.  My favorite image of the game, is the one showing Pie/Jones/Markakis jumping up and bumping again.  I love the images of them doing that. 

Athletes inspire us when they do well, but they also inspire us when they pull themselves up from the pit of despair.  I need a little inspiring right now.  This was definitely an off day for running.  My colleague and I were all ready to run, and 50 ft into it, I decided to stop and head back to the office. 

As I waited for her to get back, and as I walked to the metro, and during the ride home on the metro, I pondered the manifestation of my demons.  How could my lack of confidence be so sharp – why couldn’t I trust myself to be stronger than I have been?

Then I revisited the 50 ft I ran, and between 30 and 50 ft my shins hurt.  I didn’t stretch before hand, and it was obvious.  So, was it really demons pestering me that made me stop, or was I being an angel to myself by stopping before I hurt my shins further?  I decided to cut myself some slack, and realize it was a combination of the two.  I’ll make sure to stretch properly in the future. 

I must prepare for this race mostly on my own – it’s difficult to be on someone’s schedule.  I don’t want to feel bad if I can’t keep up, and the other person slows down to accommodate me.  Also, if I run on my own I can listen to as many Pearl Jam bootlegs as I want . . .