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April 11: Orioles (5) – Devil Rays (10)

BRob Baseball
BRob up, flies up and outs.  Yippee Millar’s on base!  Huff with an RBI.  Luke Scott with 2 RBI.  I’ll exercise once BRob gets a hit.  Hopefully, he’ll get a hit soon, as I’m merging with my chair.  2-person Home Run for the Rays.  BRob got a double, and an RBI – time for me to exercise.

Someone on the treadmill.  I’ll try again in 1/2 hour, middle of the 4th.  BRob grounds out.  Later Luke Scott doubles.  R.Hernandez pushed his luck, but got an RBI, anyway.  I was watching some youtubes on cupcake decorating alternatively with gameday, and I lost track of time.  It’s past 9pm.  I guess I won’t run today, eh?  BRob grounds out.  I’ll run a couple miles. 

I’m back.  It’s so hot, that even on a treadmill I was struggling.  I ran less than a mile, and it’s not as if I was out of breath, but rather, that I was just done.  I can’t believe it’s still so hot.  It’s after 9pm and even with my windows open it’s hot.  Man, the game is still on.  What’s up with that? 

I think I left 1 inning ago.  Tie game in the 8th.  Time for spaghetti.  Bottom of the 8th, oh dear. . . what happened here.  Must have been a long half inning for the O’s.  I may sound patrionizing, but it’s true, eh? 

Whoa!  Quite the thunderstorm just started in Maryland.  Lights flicking on and off.  Part thunderstorm, part electric company, eh?  BRob up, grounds out.  3 up 3 out. Game done

A couple of questions about baseball:  who benefits from an RBI statistic, who benefits from a TB statistic, or even a LOB statistic?  Were these statistics created for any purpose?  Some may make the batter feel good, or bad, but overall they put a team-like mentality on the individual contribution – batter up.

Also, even though the Orioles did not play well today, as professional athletes they still inspired me to go running – no matter how pathetic the results.  They must push themselves or else someone is just in the shadows waiting to take their places.  All conjecture, I could be wrong.

Cupcakes!  Yes, I caught the retro cupcake craze, and baked cupcakes for a co-worker’s birthday.  These are german chocolate, but I didn’t use German’s chocolate 🙂  The cake was very good.  The icing was a little too stiff to spread, but still good tasting.  I’ll try to cook the icing less, and add less coconut next time.  I placed all the cupcakes in a cookie tin, and what icing didn’t initially stick I just placed on top.  I was hoping by the time I was at work, some of the icing would stick more.  Eh, I just served them on plates, and the crumbly icing was caught.

These are vegan, and again, they tasted very good.  The ingredients were beautiful:  coconut milk, soy milk, rice milk, toasted coconut etc.  I’m looking foward to using more vanilla bean instead of vanilla extract, but we’ll see.  I never tried vegan cupcakes before, and I’m hooked.  I don’t plan on trying the vegan buttercream icing as I’m not a big fan of shortening.  However, I’m looking forward to the vegan ganache, and the vegan mousse as toppings.

The funny thing about cupcakes is that, sure they are cute, but incredibly IMPRACTICAL!  The little paper thing is good to keep moisture in, but what WASTE!  Also, unless the eater has a mouth the size of Alaska, how often can the eater appreciate the double goodness of icing and cake?  They are practical as far as portion control.  I’m still on the side of not liking them as opposed to liking them, but I’ll probably bake more from this cookbook anyway because these were so good and easy to portion out.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Utrecht, Netherlands, March 4, 1992.  Yes 1992!  You can download it here in post #41.  I wasn’t paying attention to them until November 1992.  Holy cow!  Isn’t that something?  I remember a man I dated gave me a bootleg for a Greatful Dead concert that occured before I was born.  That blew my mind more, but same thing, you know?

The sound.  Who taped this?  I guess it’s not a soundboard.  So who taped it, and how did the quality last this long?  Turn the lights off, and you’re inside the venue.  It starts with talking instead of waiting until the 5th song.  It’s so raw, there’s an echo.  Crowd is engineered out of the bootleg.  BOOOO! 

There’s such intensity, just by feeling it’s happening right then, that’s it’s like attending Henry 5th (Kenneth Branaugh) in the moviehouse.  I was glued totally glued to the screen.  Just like I’m glued to this sound.  Mesmorizing. 

Whoa!  Where did that EvenFlow come from?  It’s slow, trying for a blues groove.  After listening to more recent concerts it’s like I don’t understand the language of this version. . . until Mike’s solo 🙂

Nice small venue sound.  Squeak during Why Go.  Eddie said It’s a sea of people.  The tide is high.  Waves come crashing on my thigh.  More talk by Eddie, some Dutch.  Wow!  That’s where You Pu**ies comes from i.e., later used on a sign in Play Leash You Pu**ies!  During Deep Eddie said Hey, be careful, you motherf**cker!  From what is said I think that someone was crowd surfing, and not respectful of other attendees heads in relationship to his boots.  Jeff (Stone?) talks about the pedals, not quite sure what, but it’s a reprimand.  Eddie’s nice explanation for protective attitude towards pedals probably reduces crowd’s possible negative reaction to Jeff’s reprimand.  What a diplomat, that Eddie.  Who’d knew this angst-ridden-messiah could be a mother hen, and team player?  Of course, it’s not for me to decide if he is a team player, eh? 

Crowd already knows ALIVE!  Yippee for crowdness!  Popping of speakers.  Eddie starts the Yeah chant.  I didn’t know where this chant idea for this song came from, but I guess it’s quite old, eh?  Mikeness in the distance.  Considering the crowd reaction, was ALIVE already taking a new importance in Eddie’s life?  Eddie talks about the energy of the pit and how once you are in a few times, you don’t want to leave it.    

Mikeness during State of Love and Trust.  Eddie talks.  Yippee for Once!  More bluesy than more recent live versions.  Nice show of bandness in jam for Sympathy for the Devil

Total band goodness during Porch.  Focus on this song for bandness.  Microphone popping.  Very cool version, not a couple stars to focus on, but focus on the entire sky (band.)  I love live Porch – it’s a great time to see the band SOAR!    Incredible version.  Different than what I’m used to with the more recent versions.  It must have been a great time playing it.  More jams less songs during 1992?  The crowd chants We Want More.  I could be wrong on this one.

After the break Eddie said I just wanted to play drums so I could give a drumstick awayAlone!  The feeling of the words comes through more than in recent versions.  Very nice version, Eddie shows his strength here.  It took a while for him to warm to this, but it could be the songs chosen.  Eddie said This is the first show I ever played with a tattoo.  I think he goes into the pit, and asks pitees to not hurt his leg(?)  Anyone verify that he went in the pit?  HungerStrike ohmymy that voice!  Crowd embrace finally allowed through.  Beautiful song with the combination of Eddie’s voice and the crowdness.  During Garden Eddie’s voice is beautiful.  Mikeness! 

Well, that was different.