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March 6: Orioles (7) – Twins (8)

Brob_030608BRob Baseball
BRob didn’t play.  However, I’m not the only blogger who wants more action, and accountability by GMs and owners.  This is my favorite blog post.  I changed the style back to the Orioles because I didn’t like the blue sidebar with the Cardinals template. 

Chocolate cherry biscotti – the dried cherries added a sweet tart taste.  It was a good flavor.  I didn’t wait an entire hour between bakings.  They smushed a little, so maybe they needed the entire hour.  If you have time, definitely wait, but they were still good.

The best part about the baking experience was the flying sugar!  I only found Demerara sugar sold in cubes.  I filled short of a cup with the sugarcubes as the space between the sugarcubes accounted for the difference between a full cup and 3/4 cup.  As I was mixing them with the butter, some were flying out of the bowl, and one hit the Brian Roberts bobblehead!  Luckily I had plenty of extra sugarcubes 🙂  That was fun to see – BEWARE OF FLYING SUGARCUBES!  I’d recommend this recipe.  It wasn’t too hard in texture.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Katowice, Poland, June 16, 2000  I heard that this is one of Mike McCready’s favorite bootlegs, and others had recommended it.  Actually, I heard ever since it happened that the crowd reaction was so incredible that it was a must have.  I also heard that the stadium wasn’t even close to being filled, and that made the experience intimate.

On this disc the mixing must be different than the most recent tours because the lead vocals just stand out.  There seems to be more of a distance between the lead vocals and the other instruments.  Eddie sounded great!  Also, he talked a lot, and I couldn’t hear what he said most of the time, unfortunately unless I turned it up really loud.  At least the crowd laughed.  Animal stands out, and the Daughter tag with Another Brick in the Wall gave me chills.  The crowd was given a chance to shine after that song.  Before Off He Goes, Eddie said, This is a song about being friends with an a**hole.  What a card, that Eddie!  MFC was great!  I love that song.  I don’t remember if I’ve seen it live before, but I hope to, that’s for sure.  Once I could hear Eddie’s words when he spoke to the crowd then it was a more enjoyable bootleg.  He was mumbling less as the concert progressed, and seemed genuinely interested in being understood.  Soldier of Love is a very cool song!  I don’t remember hearing it before.  After Yellow Ledbetter the crowd was still energetic, singing and chanting.  Did the band have a hard time leaving?  I wonder if the bootleg (post #3) did the concert justice.  I’m guessing it didn’t.