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April 7: Orioles (5) – Mariners (4)

BRob Baseball
I started in at 3:10 pm, 5 minutes after the game starts, and the other team already has a homerun.  3:12, and the other team has another homerun.  3 outs, Brian’s up, grounds out.  Nick on base, left on base.

I think the Orioles have a better infield than the Mariners.  It’s the pitching that’s debatable.  3up 3out, has D-Cab found a groove?  BRob gets a double and an RBI.  Yippee!  Mora homeruns.  Go, Melvin, Go!  Tie game a little later.  Adam Jones hitting well tonight.  Sacrifice bunt by Luis, then BRob.  Nice batting choices, working well as a team to advance the score.  Yippee!!  Luke Scott in the 6th.  Jamie Walker up.  7th inning anxiety, 2 outs.  Possible run at 3rd, and an intentional walk.  Safarte up, and the side is retired.  Mariners keep their pitchers in longer than the Orioles.  Are they better conditioned, or are they overworked?  Felix Hernandez is just awesome, so that answers that.

Two singles in a row, Luis and BRob.  (I’m going by my notes here, so if I wrote it down wrong, or I’m misinterpretting my notes, please feel free to correct me.)  Homerun by Aubrey Huff, Yippee!  Then there’s the 9th, and Orioles win 🙂

Still thinking . . .

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Pistoia, Italy, September 20, 2006.  You can download it from post #6Interstellar Overdrive, good starting tune.  Crowd really into this.  Corduroy, yippee!  Crowd hugs the song.  Mike uses a drawn out sound, not so much fancy fingers.  A little screwup in Life Wasted, and Mike not so energetic.  The words are sung as if they are just words, then Mike’s guitar sounds like it’s flying up an escalator.  Severed Hand, Mikeness + Mattness.  Eddie speaks Italian.  Notte Bellissima!  There is chanting going on, and I don’t know what it is.  It’s going on while Eddie is talking.  Crowd knows Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town.  All crowds seem to know this.  Is the Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town a universal symbol of regret?  Nice crowd sound through bootleg.  Pistoians are the backup singers 🙂  How can you go wrong with a word like Pistoia?  Eddie sounds good, too.  Beautiful crowd embrace of the song.

Crowd embrace during Dissident.  Really cool to have 1/2 Full after Dissident.  Get the groove on, eh?  1/2 Full sounding really good.  More crowd chanting, I don’t know what it is.  EvenFlow, crowd into Matt’s solo.  Come Back is, eh, live.  The words aren’t the focus live.  Mike can’t wake the song up even as groovy as he plays, the song doesn’t wake up.

Crowd embrace and singing during instrumental part of Not For You.  Crowd takes over.  Call and response then louder.  This is the crowd’s song.  A request for Breath fulfilled.  Mike sounds a little forced on the groovy.  More of a crowd pleaser than a band pleaser.  Doesn’t challenge them.  Ok, not blah, but ok.  Given to Fly – Yippee!  Why Go contributes to a double whammy.  Nice Mikeness.  Comatose wakes a person up.  Mega Mikeness.  During Porch the band synergy is fantastic.  Nice series of energetic songs before encore.

Crowd knows Last Kiss, they are on their own mental plane.  Not sure what is happening off the bootleg over there.  State of Love and Trust seems to be happy for crowd, and band.  Eddie’s voice still doing ok.  Is it a test for him, too, or just the listeners of bootlegs? 🙂

Black sounds nice and inspired by band and the crowd.  A lot of crowd, and here comes, Boom, eh?  Crazy Mary and the crowd embrace.  The organ puts a ceiling on how high the song can fly.  Although Mike plays mostly drawn out notes this concert the guitar is what adds wings to a song.  When Mike and Boom have a musical conversation with drums encouraging the flow, that’s what Crazy Mary is all about.  More Italian by Eddie, and I’m trying to follow it, but can’t.  Crowd embrace during Alive.  Mikeness!  Crowd embrace during Do the Evolution – Stoooooone Gossard!  Crowd tracking right along.  Crowd KNOWS Better Man.   Great, excellent call and response.  Get the energy out for Spin the Black Circle.  Crowd embrace during Yellow LedBetter.  Nice ending with crowd clapping and guitar.  A little different sound.  Eddie thanks the band and crew, and to the Tower for being so erect, and for you for being the same.


April 4: Orioles (7) – Mariners (4)

BRob Baseball
I get to see this on TV!  I’m at my twin’s house and she has cable.  Wow, what a difference.

BRob grounds out.  5th inning, and I’m a bonafide couch potato.  No wonder people find this addictive.  The last time I saw a game on TV I was living in Seattle, and Ichiro wasn’t even on the team, yet.  It was 1994 or 1995.  I volunteered at a homeless youth shelter, and we were glued to the TV on Friday nights cheering Edgar, A-Rod, Randy Johnson, and Ken Griffey, Jr., on.  Man, times have changed, but not really.

Home run by Kevin Millar – Good job!  Double play with BRob-L.Hernandez-K.Millar.  Way to Go, O’s! 

I like the Mariner’s uniforms better.  I remember when Ichiro first started.  There was a mega increase in hits to the Mariner’s website, like 200%, and a lot of the hits were from Japan.  This was during the .com boom, and everyone was wondering about hits to websites at the time.  It’s cool to finally see Ichiro play. 

Home run by Ramon Hernandez – Good job!  Another double play.  These O’s are smokin’!  There are a lot of commercials about Baltimore Classics.  This season is swept under the carpet or hidden like a secret it seems.  The team is playing for keeps tonight that’s for sure. 

Home run by Melvin Mora – Good job!  Psych!  9th inning to be closed by George Sherrill against his former team.  And he does it . . .


BRob 040208.JPGAnother airport biscotti during my trip to NOLA.  I wish I had brought my BRob Bobblehead.  Wouldn’t that have been cute?



Pearl Jam Bootlegs
Vienna Austria, September 25, 2006.  You can download it from post #6 here.  When I think of Vienna I think of pastries.  Fancy boiling water sound by Mike in Life Wasted.  Surprising start to Mike’s solo in Corduroy.  More mellow, some fancy fingers, but overall mellow.  Crowd embrace during Rearview Mirror.  Eddie sounded good.  Band synergy at end.  Crowd embrace during Comatose, and fancy fingers Mike.  Eddie speaks German!  Crowd knows Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town.  Eddie sings My God, it’s been 6 years.  A reference to the time Pearl Jam last played Europe.  During Severed Hand, Mike’s guitar playing is more familiar to me.  There is energy in Sad.  Isn’t that ironic? 🙂  Energy at end has chaotic Mike guitar, like Mike’s guitar is not happy in line with the song.  Crowd knows Daughter.  Almost up to call and response, then there is the non-words chanting sound and response which is very good.  Energy up for Jeremy where they stepped up to the plate and swung at anything.  The crowd has the non-words singing down.  More German by Eddie.  Go, Eddie, Go!  Go, Eddie, Go!  Eddie sounded good in I Got Id.  Nice guitar sounds seeping through behind the vocals.  Parachutes, the cotton candy, pink jellyfish song!  It’s a nice sing-along sound.  Good concert song.  It’s creative, and although I may make fun of the sound I won’t deny it’s a pleasant sound.  Good for a pizza parlour date. 

Crowd embrace during Wishlist.  I think overall it’s a weak song.  It’s a great opportunity for Eddie to improv with the words like he did.  It’s like the song can only be complete live if there are some improv to words.  State of Love and Trust nice crowd embrace.  Not quite Daughter loudness, but still an embrace.  Eddie’s voice is flat in parts, standard.  Musicianship is not too exceptional.  During Why Go, the crowd is up to the challenge.  During Go the crowd is right there tracking with the band.  I like it better as the song before an encore break more than Rearview Mirror.

Last Kiss, sad song, eh?  Even with the sing-a-long 50’s interior sound, it’s still sad.  Inside Job is the best song on Avocado Blue.  It isn’t the best sing-a-long song, but it’s a good song to listen to, and look at the strobe lights.  Off He Goes, not much crowd coming through the bootleg on that one.  Sharp raindrop sound from Mike.  During Black, Eddie is obviously tired.  He sings I’m having a better time than you.  You ****** up when you left me.  You ****** up when you left me.  Could have been you

Eddie knows these concerts go right to bootlegs.  When I hear of improv words he sings that reflect an inner turmoil in a relationship, I see those words more for the heartbroken then Eddie in particular.  He’s making a gift for them.  The heartbroken can use this bootleg, and think, yes, someone out there went through what I did.  It’s like the heartbroken could think Eddie’s speaking directly to me!  Nice strategy, Eddie 🙂

Crowd embrace during Do the EvolutionEvenFlow picks up the pace.  Go, Mike, Go!  Go, Band, Go!  That’s the band song right there.  All of them back in action with the crowd.  More German by Eddie into Spin the Black Circle.  Great song live.  Not the best sing-a-long song. 

Once is a classic like EvenFlow.  Eddie done with that song very early.  Crowd takes up the slack.  Eddie repeated words with crowd embrace.  F**kin’ Up featuring STONE GOSSARD!  The guitar sounded a little different, like something was just turned off. 

Onward to introductions including Boom, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! (It’s not booing.)  Eddie says, You’ve made it so worthwhile to be here.  Crowd volume just increased dramatically, like the sound engineer accidentally hit a switch.  For Yellow Ledbetter the crowd tracks right with the band.  Eddie sings with Little Wing on Yellow Ledbetter.  Even if Jimi Hendrix sings the song, I still like it without the singing.  Not my favorite Mike version, but still good.

April 2: Orioles (9) – Devil Rays (6)

BRob Baseball
Brian hit a homer, and Aubrey Huff hit a homer.  I was able to watch this via the free Gameday service.  I’m debating if the MLB.TV is worth it.  At one point I see 3 strike-outs listed in a row, and I had to do a double take.  Good job, Jaime Walker!  I can’t see the nuances via this service, but I can get the gist.  A baseball game is about the same length of a Pearl Jam bootleg.  Who’d knew!  This is quite the coincidence, and when I’m looking at Gameday this is quite the boon.  Address two blogging subjects in one sitting. 


Thumbnail image for BRob 040108.JPGI debated whether to take my BRob Bobblehead with me to New Orleans.  I knew I would seek out biscotti just so any readers would know that I’m thinking of them 🙂  Here I am in the Atlanta Airport on the way to New Orleans.  What else can be said, eh?


Pearl Jam Bootleg
Milan, September 17, 2006.  Well, this crowd humbled Pearl Jam.  Who’d knew that a crowd could be so incredible.  It is really amazing to hear.  I recommend the bootleg just for the crowd.  It’s like Pearl Jam is background noise 🙂  You can download it here in post #6. 

Go, and the band started on fire.  Mikeness throughout.  During Last Exit there was a little guitar conversation.  Save You is a nice concert song.  During Corduroy there was a nice crowd glance with the cheering beforehand.  Nice crowd embrace, and sound throuhout.  Start of fire is now a campfire strong enough to roast marshmallows.  It’s not completely gone, but adequate.  Nice crowd sound, though.  Severed Hand comes to save the day!  Mike is sounding a little different, and I thought maybe he’s off today, but with Severed Hand he was on.  Eddie speaks Italian – Yea!  Eddie!  I almost understood what he said. 

Avocado Blue isn’t their most concert friendly album.  However, there are some surprises.  Severed Hand is best live.  Unemployable may decrease the energy of the crowd.  Crowd sound doesn’t just embrace, but gives a big bear hug during EvenFlow.  This is not Mike’s best night.  He sounds a little chaotic.  Still good and cosmic, but sometimes I’m able to follow the conversation of his guitar better.  Although I can’t deny the EvenFlow solo still rocks!  Rolling sound during Matt’s solo.  Crowd cheers Matt on, and crowd embraces during solos.  Eddie says more in Italian I don’t understand.  I do understand The World is Dangerous.  It feels safe here tonight.  Nice faint crowd embrace.

During Man of the Hour there is some sort of embrace, nice tracking by crowd for the song.  Then the story about MFC.  Big cheer for Daughter the crowd definitely knows the song.  Nice chanting.  I’ve heard this type of chanting on other bootlegs during the transition, and I didn’t realize it was an expected sound by the crowd.  Very nice call and response, really good crowd.  Teachers leave them kids alone/President Bush leave the world alone (5 years!)  Dang, they know Faithful
!  Nice crowd embrace.  Incredible production quality of crowd sound.  Yippee!  State of Love and Trust!  Totally crowd!  What a happy song:)

This crowd production sound wins so far on this bootleg listening journey.  They sound as comfortable with the music as the Philadelphia crowds.  Very cool Mikeness.  Warm Italian words from Eddie before Pictures in a Frame.  First time I heard it.  Parachutes!  The pink cotton candy song sounds nice live.  Eddie’s starting to shine on songs the crowd couldn’t outshine on him.  Parachutes works with Milan.  I don’t know if it works so well in the U.S.  This concert is one long conversation.  During Black the crowd takes over from the band.  Eddie sounded good, but the main vocal part is the crowd.  Is the quality of the sound so good because it is being used for a DVD?  After listening to this bootleg, it’s the first time I wanted to hear Parachutes live.  Nice call and response between Boom and Mike during Crazy Mary.  After hearing this crowd I started to look at the professional images for more pictures of the crowds at concerts.  For this concert the best memory may be visual as well as audio if there is an image that captures the crowd.  No wonder the DVD was made from the Italian shows.  More Italian from Eddie.  Yippee for Eddie!  I have no idea what he said.  Given to Fly – Go, Eddie, Go!  I wish I could have seen this song, at this concert live.  After Encore 2 Eddie starts with a long note.  Rockin in the Free World is a nice song for perking up.  Ciao!  Peace!  Goodnight!

March 7: Orioles (12) – Red Sox (2)

Brob_030708BRob Baseball
BRob played today.  Yippee!  For more information, please visit here.  Here is a blog post of someone who doesn’t see the value of the trade at this time.

Hazelnut-cinnamon biscotti.  Although the biscotti tasted good, and I appreciate the zest for adventure, I don’t agree that biscotti, or any cookie, should be mixed in a food processor.  Don’t do it, invest in a mixer, either stand or hand held.  The butter and sugar couldn’t really get fluffy because they were constantly being sliced, and when I added the eggs it was just soupy, and created a mess when I removed the top of the food processor (after I turned it off of course :))  The hazelnuts were not evenly distributed throughout the dough, and there was a slice like division within the dough so that I couldn’t close the seams the way I wanted.  Bottom line, use a mixer.  The cinnamon isn’t a contrasting flavor as it’s not very pronounced.  Either try the real thing and grind it yourself, or add another contrasting flavor.  This is a good basic flavored biscotti, though.  The hazelnuts have a nice rich, but not overpowering flavor.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Reading Festival, August 27, 2006 – you can download it here from post #6.  I’m trying to do a few things at once, including baking and listening to a Pearl Jam bootleg, and ultimately I’m not able to listen as attentively as I would wish.  I probably will listen to bootlegs more at work when I’m doing a lot of computer work.  Although it’s still background music at least the concert wouldn’t have to compete with a food processor or dishwasher. 

Rocking setlist.  Good Do the Evolution into Animal with audience participation.  Eddie was very careful with the audience telling them to be very careful with each other.  Very nice Mikeness during Severed Hand.  I love that song!  What a great concert song.  No wonder they play it so much.  I thought the solos in Even Flow were different, but not as concert-enjoyable as LEEDS described earlier.  I guess I’ll always compare one bootleg to another.  Sometimes it’s hard to see them as separate concerts/records.  Oh well!  Life goes on.

Sad was done at a nice speed.  The concert didn’t seem to be turbo like at LEEDS.  When I am Mine came on for some reason I became very focused, like I had to really pay attention to what I was doing, and not just because I was tempering eggs.  It had a time-to-get-focused sound to it.  I never thought that before.  If there is an extended RearviewMirror, as at Reading, then I surmise it’s right before an encore.  The bandmembers really play into this song, and not just play it.  Eddie comes out with a ukele, and we get some crowd action accompanying the ukele 🙂  Towards the end there were nicely spoken thank yous all around.

March 5: Orioles (1) – Marlins (2)

Brob_030508BRob Baseball
BRob didn’t play.  However, let’s find some juicy gossip.  It was one of these days when I was annoyed with the Well, that’s they way things are run attitude by MLB GMs and owners.  It’s a great attitude to use when you underpay someone like Nick Markakis, and it’s a great attitude to use when pushingpulling a player for months and months like BRob.  Go ahead GMs and Owners, continue to deny you are the ones that gave rise to the rumors, and continue to not take responsibility for the ensuing chaos!  After all this ridiculousness regarding BRob, and the underpaying of great young players, I realize No wonder there’s a Player’s Union!  Hopefully, they do their job.  Also, if the salary cap of players was ever given to a public vote, I would be dead set against it.  People aren’t going to look at GMs and Owners for inspiration.

This recipe was not as hard in texture as other biscotti, but it was good.  The orange flavor did not come through too much.  I didn’t have orange peel (must use organic), and the orange juice I used was from a container.  I used 1 tsp orange extract, and 2 Tble of orange juice.  I don’t agree that every biscotti recipe has to have liquor, and I refuse to buy liquor for a recipe, as the bottle just sits in my place, and takes up room.  Now, if I was baking many many recipes with the same liquor I’d look into it.  I didn’t make these biscotti at my place, as I was visiting my twin, so I didn’t put the time into tempering the eggs.  I would recommend you temper the eggs.  The eggs mix better when they are room temperature.

If ever you want to add a sultriness to an experience, make sure you bring along roasted pecans.  I knew this already, but this recipe is just another great example of the beauty of roasted pecans.  They flavor embraces-like-a-hug the space inside your mouth when it is eaten.  The orange flavor wasn’t very strong, still good though.  I would recommend these.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Lisbon, Portugal, September 5, 2006.  Download it here in post #6.  I interviewed someone who attended this concert for a zine, and I wanted to hear it ever since.  Also, other people recommended it.  Unfortunately, this concert had a particular sound because I was listening to it on my laptop.  It sounded like it had been through a strainer, and then the threads of sound were put back together with space in between.  The low toned glue of sound wasn’t very apparent.  However, this was still a great bootleg!

This concert is brought to you by the letters M and C, or MC.  Matt and Crowd, or Matt Cameron, or Mega-Crowd.  Matt’s singing and playing were more evident on this bootleg.  Obviously he always does both, but his mic picked it up more, and he had a solo in EvenFlow in which he showed his skill.  The crowd sang a Portugese song after EvenFlow, and that was pretty cool.

Great reaction from the crowd, great setlist.  Mike’s solo during Corduroy is something to look forward to.  Eddie sounded really good during Hail Hail, like he was grabbing goodness with his voice.  The first song of a setlist seems to reflect the setlist maker’s perspective of that concert.  This concert started energetic with Severed Hand.  At World Wide Suicide something happened to the sound on the bootleg, like it stepped down a notch. 

Then the Portuguese words by Eddie.  I LOVE THAT!  That is so cool!  Talk about an ambassador of goodwill.  Is it routine that bands add that to the concert banter?  I don’t know.  I just know that Eddie took steps to write on the same page with the crowd, and the crowd responded accordingly.  I don’t know what he said 🙂

One very interesting note about this bootleg, and the crowd – when Eddie sings, and you can hear the crowd, it’s not like the crowd is a stop off, but rather the bootleg captures the moment.  The sound of the crowd is not an echo, but a truly beautiful continuation.  Look for it in State of Love and Trust during I do this one myself.

The bass seems ominous in Garden.  It turned a complete song into parts.  In Sad, the guitar seemed to be happy!  There was some crowd participation between Sad and Daughter that added character to the concert.  One highlight is that the crowd did their own tag during Daughter, and Eddie went with it.  The band flowed with the crowd.  That was cool!  I liked I Believe in Miracles fast.  I heard it on Benaroya, and no wonder it was slow.  Once pulled me from a funk.  There was a loud sing-a-long to Footsteps which surprised me as there wasn’t one to Sad.  Not everyone listens to Lost Dogs, but I guess enough do in Portugal, eh?  Mike seemed to have fun during Alive, and so did the crowd!  Neither the band nor the crowd seemed tired at the end.  There must be good food in Portugal, eh?!

March 3: Orioles (4) – Dodgers (4)

Brob_030308BRob Baseball
It doesn’t look like he played today.  Here’s the recap.  Also, would you like more rumor news?  The rumors are a bit regurgitated, and spun in circles, but they continue to add spice to life.  I switched this blog from Orioles to Cubs earlier today, but switched back.  I thought it was disrespectful to BRob if I jumped the gun.

I baked a chocolate walnut biscotti.  I’ve never baked walnuts in biscotti before.  They seem more suited towards brownies and drop cookies, and tortes.  However, this seemed like a good idea.  Nice feeling dough.  I shaped two logs 9″x2″ wide.  I added three minutes to the first baking time as they seemed to soft.  After the second bake the biscotti were dry, but they had a texture on the mouth more like shortbread.  They weren’t the soft of drop cookies, but definitely not a quintessential biscotti.  I was surprised how little butter created that type of texture, but the batch was quite small.  There was a bit of an off flavor, like something not developed and sharp.  I would probably try this recipe again, but add some vanilla.  The main tastes i.e., walnuts, orange, and chocolate didn’t merge well.  Vanilla may have bridged the three rivers of flavor.  They were tiny and cute.  Good for a get together with friends.  It just needs a merging flavor. 

I’m running out of BRob Bobblehead posing with biscotti options.  Oh well, I’ll do what I can with what I have. 🙂

Pearl Jam Bootleg
August 23, 2006, The Point in Dublin.  The concert from the bootleg didn’t really get going for me until Severed Hand.  It seemed that Mike was having a good time.  His stellar virtuosity was coming through nicely.  Before that I didn’t hear enough of the crowd interaction.  What I have to realize is that in the states I don’t have to stand in line for 9 hours to get good seats.  However, the seats in Europe are general admission, and the diehards are waiting in line for hours and hours and hours.  More power to them!  I may be confused, but I don’t think this was a festival.

During Given to Fly I was tempering eggs.  Unfortunately, if my dishwasher is running I’m not able to hear my stereo unless I want to annoy my neighbors.  So, when the eggs were tempered I walked over to the stereo and was rocking my head, making sure my eggs weren’t Given to Fly 🙂

Eddie made a comment how he likes the European shows because the singing is better than the US shows.  I paraphrased, those weren’t his words.  However, he reminded me that there is a Poland show that is suppose to be phenomenal because of the audience participation.  I just have to find out which concert.

Highlights of the bootleg include the FIRST live version of Education!  Ohhh laaalaaa.  Also, it was Boom’s first time across the pond!  Indifference is an incredible sing-a-long.  Dubliners and others did the country proud.  I have to say that I’m glad they took an encore break after RearviewMirror.  They were sounding kindof tired at that point.  This isn’t my favorite bootleg.  I’d still recommend Leeds as referenced earlier.  However, you can download it from post # 6 here.

March 1: Orioles (4) – Nationals (1)

Brob_030108_1BRob Baseball
It doesn’t look like BRob played today.  However, you can read a quick review.

Biscotti of the day are a basic biscotti recipe as shown with BRob.  I used rum instead of creme de cacao, and I used allspice instead of cinnamon.  The dough did not want to be 2 inches wide.  It was a relatively wet dough, and it just wanted to stretch on the sides.  I was able to stretch it to the 16 inches long no problem.  It had a bit of an alcoholy aftertaste.  It is a good place to start, but I wouldn’t use this particular recipe as my basic recipe.  I don’t know if it was the run, or the allspice, but there’s something just a little off in flavor.  It would probably improve with candied ginger or something with a sharp contrast.  I’ve stopped to cut on the diagonal because I just don’t like the look.  I know I know it’s the way biscotti are suppose to be cut, but I just like the straight cut look better.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Now I know why bootlegs are such a big deal.  Even though I attended the first two shows referenced on this blog, this bootleg was unreal.  The band was on fire for the LEEDS Festival in 2006.  I wasn’t there, but you can download it from post #6.  Also, before I listened to this bootleg I didn’t think listening to PJ concerts I didn’t attend would be so much fun.  However, this concert ROCKED!  Given to Fly was incredible as always.  EvenFlow was stellar!  The entire concert was a little faster than other PJ concerts I’ve attended.  There was a sing-a-long to Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town ( . . . because I’m not my former . . . ) that was so poignant I was almost tearing up.  I got chills when Daughter came on with the “It’s Ok” tag.  Man, that is beautiful, and another sing-a-long.  Pearl Jam hadn’t played festivals in a while, and I thought it was guts that propelled them to play at festivals again, but Eddie said something like It wasn’t guts, it was an act of trust in you.  Aha, good to know.