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March 16: Orioles (11) – Nationals (3)

BRob Baseball
Brian played, and he hit a double!  Go, Brian, Go!  Go, Brian, Go!  You can find the recap here.  I would be nice if he went to the Cubs as they are in better position to compete, but anything better than this bright orange business.

Still catching up.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Mexico City, Mexico, December 9, 2005.  Download it from post #3 here.  The bootleg started with the crowd singing and then into Animal.  Myohmy what a fast beginning, eh?  The first song gave me chills.  Then quite a few songs that aren’t played often.  Eddie spoke a little Spanish.  Given to Fly was strong.  During Even Flow it was obvious that the crowd was many deep.  However, even though the bootleg captured the depth, it didn’t really capture the loudness throughout.  I thought of the crowd noise as a wave undulating forward and back because I couldn’t grasp all of it at once through the bootleg.

Nice call and response in Not for You.  There was a crowd embrace throughout Daughter

Ok, this is why you download the bootleg.  Really, need I say more 🙂 

I have been looking forward to this bootleg because I have seen this youtube so many times.  It still gives me chills, and it’s truly amazing.  I have it on my Pearl Jam/Running blog.  Not a smooth transition during this song.  However, the crowd was amazing, and my eyes teared up – again.

There is a crowd embrace during OnceBetterman there is a nice loud crowd embrace and participation.  In Rearview Mirror Eddie was a little weak.  However, the instrumentals multi-solo was lava lamp music.  Time to turn around and look at the waves of faces.  Learn to be amazed and what fun/joy/goodwill music can add to life, if you didn’t know already. 

Eddie said, It’s better than we remember.  There is a nice chant by the crowd, not sure if it’s a particular song, but I’m missing something through the bootleg.  Eddie said, You’ve gave us so much.  Thank you.  Crowd knows Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town with a nice song embrace which is evident in Last Kiss, also.  Crowd sings, Hold me darling, just a little while.  Production wise Eddie’s voice is too removed from the crowd, and the rest of the band.  During Crazy Mary some of the parts the crowd was offered didn’t come through.  However, Mike and Boom continued the conversation that everyone could understand.  Crowd knows Alive.  Mikeness!  A lot of crowd enthusiasm during We Belong.  Wave of crowd embrace during Jeremy.  Eddie spoke a little Spanish about Green River.  Mark Arm and Steve Turner come out for Kick Out the Jams.  I wish I could see it live.  Eddie said, You’re incredible!  Crowd embrace during Yellow Ledbetter.