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April 6: Orioles (3) – Mariners (2)

BRob Baseball
Let’s give credit where credit is due.  First, when I viewed Jeremy Guthrie’s pitches I was amazed at how direct and focused they were compared to the pitchers of the past couple nights.  However, then there was Felix Hernandez, the Mariners’ pitcher.  Exceptional.  Orioles ONLY scored when he wasn’t pitching i.e., 9th inning.  He lasted 8 innings!  So, although the Mariner’s are the other team, I have to admit they had the pitching (for 8 innings.)

Orioles had the defense to support pitching that isn’t Felix Hernandez 🙂  I think the infielders work very well together, and the outfielders hustle.  Although the Orioles have a good closing team of pitchers, the Orioles strength is in defense. . . and the fact that the players like to steal bases (not just BRob), and they have been getting quite a few hits.  Luke Scott has a ritual of looking up, and I’m assuming thanking some one or some entity, when he gets on base.  He gets on base a LOT.  When I feel a runner’s high I thank what I can’t see, too.  So, at first I thought Luke Scott was enabling a superstition, but it’s probably an individual time to offer thanks – all conjecture!  I wouldn’t know.

The 9th inning was very exciting!  Orioles were down 0-2, and with some base hits etc, along comes Luis Hernandez, and the game goes 3-2.

I have ingredients and recipes!  I just have to bake them.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, September 5, 2000.  You can download it here from post #4.  Started with EvenFlow.  Wow!  That’s the dessert before the entree, eh!  Mega Mikeness.  Nice jam by the band with grooveness by Stone.  Very nice sound of them working together.  I like HaiHail.  So far Eddie sounds really good, just listen to Animal.  He had opportunity to blues it up for a smidgen.  Go, Mike, Go!  Not the most inspired Corduroy except for the band synergy and Mikeness.  In other words, Eddie was sounding tired there.  This is definitely a Mike bootleg.  He SHINED!  Eddie said after some words No tomorrow.  It’s just Pittsburgh tonight.  It was a reference that this is the last night of this leg of the tour.  Nothing As it Seems is very cool on the bootleg, but I can see how it can drag in concert.  Tired on Light Years.  During Daughter I finally hear a crowd embrace.  There’s a little intentional weirdness.  Also, even though there is a song with words for the tag, there is a fluidity jam.  I call it fluidity jam because it seems spontanous and yet directed.  It’s a very good tag.  I hope they do more Daughter tags that are predominately jams.

A fault of this bootleg is the lack of crowd participation allowed to contribute to the overall concert sound.  There is no doubt in my mind that the crowd was louder throughout and not just on one song here and maybe another after the encore.  I think the crowd is definitely part of the concert, and should be given due respect.

Before Leatherman Eddie said This one’s a B side, which I don’t think I even have a copy of.  After one man comes another with Better ManBetter Man has a nice guitar sound.  George Webb on bass guitar.  George is from Pittsburgh.  I think he is THE George aka Ask George or whatever that was on the earlier tenclub newsletters. 

Eddie introduces Sleight of Hand as This song actually has some musical quality to it.  I like Alone myself 🙂

Given to Fly although good, I can sense the last show of the leg is when the bandmembers really need a break.  Eddie said, and I’m paraphrasing, that the second to the last show is the party show usually.  I can see why.  RearviewMirror a little fun on the build up wind down.  There is some crowd, but not really an embrace in I Got Id.  Nice Mike work in Black into Porch.  Tempo wise it’s seems odd to have them together.  Very cool band synergy in Porch.  Here is the band.  Mikeness, a lower sound, but still fancy fingers.  Even Matt isn’t as loud, but still getting the job done.  It’s not a multi-layered cake, but rather one layer with multiple toppings i.e., a nice layer of white chocolate butter cream, chocolate shavings, roasted pecans etc.  Call and response.  You just KNOW the crowd reacted well, and it doesn’t come through enough.  During the encore is a kudos from Eddie to the crowd.  Mikeness on Breakerfall!  It’s not to be denied . . . sometimes the songs come alive when they are heavy on the guitar or during solos.  Especially on this boot.  Go leads to Once, another energetic sliding of two songs.  Then comes Stone with Alright.  I’m going to sing oneMankindElderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town starts with a little screwup.  Very slight crowd embrace.  Here’s words from Eddie for a woman with a white umbrella, AMY, to come down to the front.  We find out that she has been to over 100 shows!  Then Crazy Mary pre-Boom.  Eddie said I would like to thank Amy again for humbling us all.  A little off mic, not sure what happened.  I like I Got You.  The space of silence during Insignificance just doesn’t add much.  I’m sure there’s meaning, and there would be confusion without it, but it doesn’t work.  Kudos from Eddie to Sonic Youth.  He said Thanks to everyone for coming.  It’s been a tough one.  I could understand why.  Baba O’Riley doesn’t sound the best, and the crowd is let through some.  This is a guitar bootleg.  Very nice bandwork with the guitars.