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April 12: Orioles (3) – Devil Rays (2)

BRob Baseball
BRob double and a steal – starting with fire, eh!
Mora hit by a pitch, that’s got to hurt.  BRob scores, Nick with an RBI.
Ok, D-Cab, what can you do?  No runs, side out.

Huff with a double. Let Huff score!  Let Huff score!  Everybody now, Let Huff score!
Yippee with a Ramon triple, Huff scores.  Hey, let’s try that again, and be superstitious.
Let Ramon score!  Let Ramon score!  Everybody now, Let Ramon score!
BRob up!  Let Ramon score!  Let Ramon score!  C’mon BRob, Let Ramon score!
BOOOOO!  No, BRob, no!  I have a theory he doesn’t listen to enough Pearl Jam.
Of course, I listen to a lot of Pearl Jam, and I haven’t completed a 10-miler race, so who am I to talk, eh?  No more unsuccessful superstitious chanting from behind the internet screen.

D-Cab.  3 up 3 out, good job Orioles! Keep the fire going . . .

Later, Fielding error by BRob – oops!

BRob up!  Yippee a single!  Let BRob score, Let BRob score!  You can do it, Orioles, Let BRob score!  BOOOOOOO, no, no, no.  3 out.  Ooops, I forgot about the superstitious chanting.  Side change.
You can do it, Orioles.  Keep up the teamwork!

Nick on base!  It would be good if Nick was able to score – hint!  See, no superstitious chanting.  I learn 🙂  Yes, Nick goes to 3rd on an error! 
Side out, no runs.

Uh oh Rays scored.  2-1 Orioles winning in the 6th.  Side out.  Oh look, as I’m researching agave nector up to plate is Adam Jones! 3up3out.
Jamie Walker up.  3rd out. BRob up!  Strikes out.
Melvin strikes out.  C’mon Nick!  Get on base!  Yikes!  I didn’t mean that way.
Jamie Walker up. Oops, 2-2, Chad Bradford up.
Later, oh dear, Luke Scott’s batting average is below .400.  C’mon Luke!
Yes, Ramon!  Way to go, Ramon!  C’mon team, keep them at 2.  C’mon George!  Way to go!
3up3out.  Game over.

While watching the game on gameday, and listening to the Pearl Jam concert I was researching vegan cupcake blogs.  There are a ton of bakers who use the Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World as the foundation of their vegan cupcake baking.  Here’s a youtube on how to bake chocolate cupcakes.  Also, I found an online vegan cupcake store!   Who’d knew.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Buffalo, New York, May 2, 2003.  You can download it from post #8.  Eddie sounds good in Love Boat Captain.  Mikeness during Love Boat Captain!  Was the transition to Brain of J that smooth?  Bandness during Brain of J, they sound really awake.  During HailHail Eddie screwed up lyrics, and said, What’s the next line?  I always forget it.  Save You – Riot Act is a good concert record.  Really good sound engineering of guitars.  Yippee!  Some crowd embrace let through.  Some improv of words during Corduroy.  Not the most standout Corduroy . . . then Mikeness.  This bootleg sounds really good as far as sound engineering.  After a few bootlegs a listener notices these things.  This was probably a good concert to attend.  Crowd embrace allowed during Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town.  Smidgen of crowd embrace allowed during I Got Id.  Hmm, how come the words aren’t available?  Keely turns up the lights so Eddie can see all present 🙂

Eddie said, We could feel you.  2nd to last night.  Eddie remarks how in the band, the best show is the second to last.  Eddie said Second chance during EvenFlow as if giving the crowd a second chance at tracking with the band.  However, through the bootleg I’m not able to hear a first chance given.  Please allow more crowd.  I heard a smidgen of a crowd embrace during the Second Chance offer.  Mikeness, but I’m still wondering about the
crowd embrace.  Eddie still sounding good in Deep.  Focus for the engineering crewis his voice.  Given to Fly for Vincent Gallo.  Can I hear it, can I hear the crowd!  Or am I reaching.  I know they are there, no matter how much they are hidden.  Nice energetic Spin the Black Circle.

Wishlist had an oops.  Eddie said, That’s right, as if the hands up towards the sky, the way the crowd is doing it, is the way to do it.  Now there’s a song that drags.  Does the band like to play it?  I mean, you can’t do much with it, but squiggly sounds.  You can’t even get bluesy with it.  Oh, no, the improv.  It’s like the dry ingredients of a cake, and that’s it, it drags, drags, drags. . . wait, a funny moment.  Sometimes I wish I was Mike!  hahahahahahaha 🙂
Eddie improvs I wish I was a disease called love and peace.  Mixup in Green Disease, not sure what it is.  A guitar spoke, then no.  Oh, no here comes that space of nothingness during Insignificance.  Makes me cringe to think the concert stopped.  Overall, I like this song.  Let the song protest . . . hmmmm.  I can see why the space is there, but I’m glad the space wasn’t so big this time.  Nice place to finally hear the crowd, if allowed.  Crowd embrace allowed through during Black.  Not the most band-inspired version. . . then Mike bluesness really translates the words into the language of the guitar. . . Crowd allowed through to commiserate with Mike in a good way 🙂  They cheered, but I’m not sure why.

Go! Mikeness!  Some missed words from Eddie, is he doing call and response with the crowd?  Crowd embrace through during encore.  Is that Mike shouting “experimental jazz?”
Driven to Tears!  Yippee!  Ooooooh! That sexy voice in Driven to Tears!  Ohlaalaa!  I think I wrote this before, but Pearl Jam doesn’t go too much beyond the boundaries of another artist’s song when they perform covers.  Here’s comes the fun bandness.  Slides into Better Man.  Eddie said, You sing this one . . . he helped a little, but the crowd was adequate.  Eddie helps out more, and crowd takes the participation up a notch, up to par 🙂  With how Eddie sings Crazy Mary it’s like he tells a story and adds scenes.  Makes it a mystery.  Bandness!  Mikeness!  Whoa!  There goes the crowd into the song!  BOOOOOOM!  Crowd allowed through in Do the Evolution.  Chant and Mikeness during Alive.  Eddie remarks to the crowd that they sounded beautiful.  Eddie said, A toast to Buffalo.  Who knew it could be so beautiful.  We knew you made the best mozzarella in the world.  Eddie talks about the curfew.  We just talked about it in the back, and Mike McCready’s going to pay the fine tonight.  hahahahaha, that jokester.

Eddie with Luke the Uke –  uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu chants the crowd.  Eddie said It’s really hard to tell these days if you’re saying Luke or you’re booing.  We’ve got a bit of that lately.
uuuuuuuuuuuuu goes the crowd.  I like the sound of the Uke, named Luke.  Even a Uke named Betty would sound good.  Eddie getting some sarcasm in.  Of course, there’s Soon Forget for sarcasm. . .Possible crow embrace.  Eddie’s voice sounds good.  Band could be let go into the blues for Smile.  It seems set up for staying within boundaries, though.  Nice harmonica!  Crowd should have been let through.  Can’t change the past, but . . . Call and response between two guitars, not deep conversation of blues, like they are just meeting.  Fortunate Son is a cool song.  Nice words, nice guitar, nice bandness.  Another cover, Sonic Reducer, another song that sounds like the band is having a good time playing.  We’d like to use someone from the audience to help us with this next . . . She’s probably a bit nervous so give her some support.  I wonder who it is.  This is Nana from the Heart of Buffalo.  Is that a group?  Another cover.  You know, they do covers to the letter, they could do an entire concert of them.  Man, Eddie sounds good.  Crowd sings along.  Eddie said We had a democratic vote backstage. The verdict was, it’s Friday night, what the f**ck.
A cover of Baba O’Riley.  Is that the crowd background I hear?  Yes!  Yes!  Go, crowd, go!  Big crowd hug!  Keeley! Or is it Keely? Hmmm, I didn’t hear Yellow Ledbetter on the bootleg, but it is listed in the show notes.  Hmmmm.  That’s too bad.


March 24: Orioles (0) – Mets (1)

BRob Baseball
BRob played, and his hitting average decreased – ooops!  Is it boredom with spring training, frustration with the trade issues, or  . . . what?  For more information, please visit here.  Here’s some words about his frustration.

Doing two bootleg summaries instead.  I’m going on a business trip soon so I won’t be baking for a while.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Columbus, Ohio, June 24, 2003.  You can download it from post #8, but I wouldn’t waste your time.  There was an unpleasant edge to the energy.

Since it is a setlist from 2003 you can see how it morphed into the 2006 setlists with the new record released in 2006.  Can’t Keep sounds really good.  Daughter is a little weak, and there isn’t a tag.  I asked other Pearl Jam fans if tags started later than 2003, but they have been going on for YEARS!  So, it’s odd that there wasn’t a tag.  Tags are crowd favorites, and creates a relationship with the band and the crowd.  Makes you wonder what was going on, eh?  I think there was a flood in Cincy before that, and maybe a concert was cancelled (?)

Nice guitar solo on Save You.  I wish I saw more of the tour that supported Riot Act.  There’s a lot of good concert songs on that record.  Eddie’s voice is not full, not completely weak, but it’s like he’s not trying too hard.  Was he sick?  The crowd sound doesn’t come through too well.  There is a Mikeness in EvenFlow which wakes up the concert.  Thank gawd for Corduroy.  See, it’s later in the setlist compared to the 2006 setlists.  Eddie isn’t talking as much.  Mike cleans up the energetic mess.  Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town – Where’s the crowd?  Eddie screwed up Red Mosquito.  There is some crowd embrace, but it’s the worst Red Mosquito so far.  Eddie sings Me-oh-mi-oh – we’re stuck in Ohio.  Hints of Chrissie Hynde?  During Rearview Mirror there is a crazy bandness jam.  There is a shout out for the BuzzCocks, and a little Rolling Stone improv in Not for You.  After Do the Evolution I heard the crowd through the bootleg.  During Jeremy there is a crowd-Eddie interaction.  Crowd was appreciative during the introductions.  I didn’t hear a strong BOOOOM during Boom’s introduction so maybe it didn’t catch, yet.  After a little while there is Yellow Ledbetter, and Eddie said, You can thank Mr. Stone Gossard for this one.   Eddie really screwed that version up, and I didn’t think it was possible to screw up Yellow Ledbetter.  I mean who knows the words?

Perth, Australia, November 25, 2006.  You can download it from post #7.  Whoa!  They start with Go!  Eddie sounded good.  There goes Mike!  Crowd embrace, and solo crowd during Animal.  Crowd clapping during Corduroy.  Nice Mike solo – complete, but not adventurous.  Severed Hand with more adventurous Mikeness.  There’s an echo when Eddie talks.  Like a stadium echo.  Kindof cool.  Hasn’t come through before.  Adds a little uniqueness to the bootleg, but it must have been annoying to try to talk and not overcrowd the echo.  Eddie talks about the beautiful sky, throughout the bootleg, and he compliments the crowd.  There is strong Eddie voice during Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town, and loud crowd embrace.  Kudos to Perth!  WorldWideSuicide was energetic.  Eddie was worried his throat was going.  He said, Help me out if you can.  Feel Free, before In HidingI thought he sounded good especially after listening to Columbus 03 😀

EvenFlow started sharp and fast.  Nice crowd embrace.  Nice band synergy as Mike plays solo and the crowd embraces the song.  There goes Matt!  EvenFlow into Daughter.  Very nice, and nice crowd embrace.  Nice crowd – can’t be said enough.  Call and response between crowd and Eddie.  Oh my, it’s U!  Crowd embrace during JeremyBig Wave!  Eddie remarks how in their 15 years they can’t remember a more beautiful night.  Eddie helps a man named Damien propose to his girlfriend!  Ohmygawd!  Isn’t that dreamy awwwwwww!  Then he goes into Throw Your Arms Around Me.  Considering the beautiful night and the proposal, what a beautiful relevant song.  I wish for the couple all joy and Pearl Jam!  Nice crowd embrace.

Nice crowd during Last Kiss.  Crowd knew Betterman with call and response.  Crowd embrace during Black.  Crowd embrace and Mikeness during AliveWhy Go had electric energy.  The crowd knows it.  A lot of energy for so late in the concert.  It makes me wonder again if encores are created separately from the main setlists.  Encores are a reflection of how the band feels the crowd responded to the main setlist.  A lot of love from Eddie.  I’m sure I wrote something incredibly witty, but I can’t read my handwriting 🙂

Echo during I Got You.  The original is better, but a good effort.  Blood!  So late, but lots of energy, and echo.  Pretty cool.

March 8: Orioles (1) – Mets (4)

Brob_030808BRob Baseball
Brian played!  Here’s a recap.  Here’s more.  I was listening to an audio clip from the Orioles site, and a MLB reporter assigned to the Orioles thinks Brian will definitely be traded before opening day.  Just go to this page, and then scroll down to multimedia, and listen to Fordin on O’s health, Roberts.

Almond Apricot Biscotti – as I baked this recipe I realized some of my downfalls.  One of which is that I give a recipe author the benefit of the doubt.  I questioned mixing those quarters of dried apricot going in the dough.  I thought they were too big, and as I folded over the dough I knew they were too big.  But NO, I kept with it!  I ended up throwing out the batch, because the chunks of apricots were too big, and I couldn’t in good conscience give them away.  As you can see by the biscotti next to the BRob Bobblehead, they did not mix evenly because of the folding, and the pieces were too big. 

This recipe had so much potential!  I loved most of the method until the apricot part.  It was so easy, but I would recommend that the apricots be processed, even until a goo.  Or process them with the almonds and some of the flour mixture.  Either way it’s has to be better than this way.  Then add them to the dough in a mixer, so that they are really incorporated.  I’m not a big fan of dried fruit chunks unless there’s a really good reason.  Dried cherries in the previous chocolate recipe worked, but these apricots should be more of a blend than a feature.  I still think it would have been a good taste, if the apricot taste was more evenly distributed.  Forget the wax paper step, just divide in two logs with sizes as noted in the recipe after taking out of the mixer.  It had a really nice secondary taste, like the aftertaste.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Champaign, Illinois, April 23, 2003.  You can download it here in post #8.  Very interesting it started with Do the Evolution.  As I wrote previously, the first song is a reflection of the setlist maker’s feel towards the concert.  This was an quirky song to start with.  Oddly enough when the new record is mentioned, it’s Riot Act.  Oh my my this concert’s almost 5 years old!  Technology – it’s crazy!

Corduroy continues to be a beginning song, and is always a good concert song with a nice Mike solo.  In Dissident Eddie’s voice shines through very nicely.  In Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town there is a nice audience participation, and recognition of the wonderful small towns in Illinois.  EvenFlow rocks as always, nice audience participation at end of JeremyYou Are is a great concert song.  I like it better live.  On the album I could take or leave it sometimes, but live it really fits.  Eddie was sounding tired in I Am Mine.  Mike sounded like he was shot from a cannon for HabitUntitled is always a nice transition as if it’s time to drive down Lake Shore Drive.  Right into MFC and Given to Fly which are my favorite songs, not my favorite live versions, though.  Porch was on fire, with nice give and take between Eddie and the audience.  I’m a fan of the Police, but Pearl Jam gave a nice turn to Driven to Tears.  The Police sing the song like a statement, and Pearl Jam’s version is like a question, it’s enticing.  The crowd sound embrace that I referenced in Lisbon #2 ’06 can be heard in Betterman, not as prominent, but still a nice feature to the presentation of the bootleg.

Crazy Mary was too slow and lifeless UNTIL BOOM . . . and MIKE.  Boom was the wake-up and Mike was the soulfoul response.  I like EvenFlow solos, but Crazy Mary always has good Mike solos.  In fact the Mike solo rescued this song along with Boom.  This may be my favorite Mike solo.  The entire concert is brought to you by the letter M for Mike!  If you are big on Mike solos, download this boot.  Pearl Jam doesn’t seem to stray too much from originals by other artists.  I don’t know Know Your Rights, but I’m assuming I wouldn’t like it just based on Pearl Jam’s rendition.  Black is a little colorless, it sounds acoustic (?), but the crowd added mightily to it almost like a ghost wanting to feel again, and then there’s Mike adding the soul.  Crowd was still at it in Baba O’Reilly

March 2: Orioles (11) – Nationals (10)

Brob_030208_1BRob Baseball
It looks like BRob played March 2nd, but I’m not sure where to find his stats a day later.  Oh well, he’s creating news in other ways.

This almond biscotti recipe does not include a rising agent, and I was surprised at first.  However, as the recipe calls for one log instead of two, it made sense.  The more mass in the biscotti, then less it has to rise.  After going through this recipe, I don’t think that’s the best policy.

The dough formed nicely into a log, but after the baking it seemed bumpy instead of the butter melting nicely.  The bumps were probably from the almond pieces, though.  I don’t like this one-log baking method.  The biscotti were not baked enough after the first baking, and when I cut the log some pieces fell apart.  The second baking should be just to dry out the pieces, and not really a hard-and-fast baking.  If using these ingredients I would suggest a two-log method, with 350 or 375 degrees for the first bake, and 325 for the second bake.  I can appreciate butter in a biscotti recipe, but I can’t appreciate forcing a drop cookie into the semblance of a biscotti.  I had to bake this biscotti at least 10 minutes more than is stated in the recipe.  Nope, I don’t recommend it.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Benaroya Hall (October 22, 2003) – When I first heard the crowd start the CD it was like an internal alarm clock.  Some people’s internal alarm clocks sounds Time to make the donuts.  Mine sounds Time to bake the biscotti!  Just hearing the opening crowd noise, and I was all set to bake.

I was surprised that Lowlight appeared so early in the setlist.  Most of the setlist are songs that are more suitable for the sit down primarily acoustic set which makes sense for this sit down acoustic event.  (Nothing like EvenFlow, alas :))  I can’t say this is one of my favorite setlists, but I can understand the method behind the madness.  If I was laying on the floor looking at a ceiling fan for a couple hours this bootleg would be a great accompaniment.  If I was driving to this bootleg I hope that I wouldn’t be on a deserted highway or I would just zone. 

Throughout the past four years when I think of Masters of War, I think of the Bob Dylan’s 30th Anniversary special in 1992.  Other fans referenced this bootleg.  It makes sense to reference this bootleg for that song.  It’s an incredible version, and Eddie’s singing is right on spot as it is with Parting Ways.  When I first heard this bootleg the amount of guitars added a chaotic feel to Masters of War, and I didn’t get into it.  However, when I just listend to it I could totally appreciate this well done version.

The official bootleg is not for trade as it’s still being sold.