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April 14: Orioles (4) – Blue Jays (3)

BRob Baseball

BRob041408.JPGA bunch of singles and a score for the other team.
Double play, 3 out, BRob up. Single!
Millar up/song break – one two three four five against one . . .
Ball in dirt for Millar.  Hmm, ball in dirt, not the most direct pitching, eh?
Yippee for Millar!  BRob scores!  Go, Orioles, Go!
A bunch of singles and a score for the Orioles.  Game starts over again 2nd inning.
End of second, making a new pasta dish, and BRob flies out as joyous boiling bubbles of sauce fly all over my stove.  3up3out, back to the Orioles.
Back to field.  Orioles do double plays nicely.  At least by Gameday standards.
Good job, Adam!  Another hit.  Watch the game while listening to live EvenFlow by PJ.  Pretty cool, like driving on a highway out of the city, with few cars left for the night.
Gameday stuck, I guess.  Is it time to ice cupcakes?
Gameday back on and Millar just homer-d.  Way to go, Kevin!
This is quite the double-play type of game on both sides, eh?
Jim Johnson?  Has he played, yet?  I’ve missed a few games, so definitely possibly.  I just haven’t seen him, yet.  So, since Adam Jones was caught stealing, and Luis didn’t finish his turn at bat, he gets to go again?  Ohmy Luis walks, 4 balls in a row.
Yippee!  BRob Up, and I’m listening to Black.  I would rather listen to Given to Fly, but I’m up to Black on Ottawa 2005.  Just focus on  . . . and he singles.  Yippee BRob!
Sacrifice bunt, way to go, and advance the team, Melvin.  Fielder’s choice out at 3rd.  This happened a couple games ago, too.  When BRob was out at home, and someone reached to first, I think it was Nick.  Those must be difficult choices for the person at third, eh? 
Next out, BRob didn’t score – boohoo.
Jamie Walker pitches.
Then Chad Bradford.  3 pitchers so far this inning.
Yippee!  Aubrey gets a single!  Great!  Luke on base!  Sacrifice fly by Ramon.  Ok, so that statistic goes against him, as it decreases his batting average.  However, it was for the team.  See how some of these statistics don’t show the true story.  Just a sample of the truth of a story, eh?  Ball in dirt.  I feel really sorry for the pitchers who get to view that statistic.
On the fan forum, and even within reporter’s past summaries, they were critical of Adam Jones’ batting.  However, tonight, he is doing great!  George up!  C’mon George!
Oops, ball in dirt.  I guess every pitcher has those days, eh?  Oh, no, George’s ERA just went byebye with a 2-player homer.  No more Crazy Mary during the 9th inning, eh?  Is that too superstitious?
Last out, game over.

Cupcakes, again.  I really like this vegan chocolate cupcake recipe.  However, after trying the vegan chocolate ganache, and covering them with sprinkles, I realized that they are too sweet for a sweet topping.  The ganache called for maple syrup, and it was just too much.  If I’m going to make this topping again I would probably use an unsweeted almond milk, and the chocolate.  Instead of soy milk, maple syrup, and chocolate.  That should do it.  Although it’s too sweet, a person recovers from vegan cupcakes pretty easily since there’s no slow metabolizing animal proteins.  Pretty cool.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Ottawa, Canada, September 16, 2005.  You can download it from post #1 here
Start with Wash – a lost dogs crowd?  What a great sound, bluesy, and searching.  Nice fancy fingers with rain dropping in a river sound.  Go guitar sounds really good.  Very energetic start.  Wimpy sounding HailHail, though.  Animal, crowd let through.  Wow, very energetic start.  Hint of a crowd embrace during beginning of Corduroy.  Fan appreciation coming through.  Nice Mikeness.  Immortality!  What a beautiful start to get the crowd on a different page.  Sounds a little flat, but still powerful.  Eddie forgets some words(?), but still powerful.  Losing a little power, there.  It’s better on the disc.  It could be very flat in concert, confused sounding.  Eddie said, Taking care of a few requests tonight.  I realize it’s ok to ask for songs that are rarely played, and it’s wonderful when they are yadda yadda yadda.  However, maybe there’s a really good reason why they are not played in concert i.e., they sound better on disc, you think?  Smidgen of a crowd embrace, some more during non-singing parts.  Stone talks!  Eddie said, That was Stone Gossard on the vocal.  Part of a joke.  Stone talks about Don’t Gimme No Lip, how it was only performed in studio until that night.  With smidgen crowd embrace through it.  Mike enjoying it.  Chanting for Stone.  EvenFlow starts with just a little bit more groove to it than usual.  Mike mellowing in song to hear more of the other band.  Eddie lets the crowd sing parts of the song.  Nice crowd participation.  Eddie talks about playing just Canadian dates all in a row, and the crowd is happy about that.  It’s been a real pleasure, and this night seems to be no exception.
Eddie talking quite a bit, about how big the country is.  Discussion about the roads and highways on behalf of the crew.  Recommends Haliburton, tongue in cheek, and says more about them.  Eddie said, It’s like George Bush has learned how to spread the wealth on the size of a pin  Into Green Disease.  Nice backing vocals by Matt in Insignificance.  You don’t hear Jeremy everyday, eh?  Whoa, a little off in Jeremy between the bandmembers.  I don’t think this is the most inspired concert even though the setlist on paper is for the connoisseur.  Nice crowd participation in Jeremy.  Eddie asked more participation of them.
Nice crowd allowed through in Black.  Yippee crowd!  Very nice Mikeness!  Nice crowd participation and embrace.  Betterman, it seems Eddie starting to feel more awake(?)
True crowd embrace!  Slide into allowed participation on bootleg.  Eddie shines near end!  Nice tag with Save it for Later.  I like the leadup to RearviewMirror.  Interesting jam.  It’s not my favorite jam spot/closing song before an encore, but it’s a jam worthy song.
Introduction to Bee Girl.  I remember a similar introduction while live at St. John’s #1 (September 24, 2005.)  I Believe in Miracles, and it’s possible I can hear the crowd embracing the song.  It sounds like Eddie’s reaching for something with his voice, like someone to support him as he is singing, like he just needs that one go-ahead nudge.  Eddie sounding more inspired by Sleight of Hand.  He likes this song, I believe.  He said in another bootleg it had musical value or something like that.  Yikes!  Squeek!  First time I’m really into the bootleg, singing along.  C’mon let the crowd through on Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town, is that an embrace I hear?  Hello from the crowd and after they are there.
Then comes the crowd with a little encouragement from Eddie.  Sing with him, people, be joyful!  Crowd happy about Crazy Mary.  Crowd participation, crowd embrace.  Last time I heard Crazy Mary on a bootleg it seemed that the organ didn’t lift the song, but rather created a ceiling.  This bootleg it fits.  It lifts it up.  Major Boom!  Go, Matt, Go!  Oh, yeeeeeaaaaaah, Mike!  Nice Mike/Boom call and response.  Again, Go, Matt, Go!  Bandness, supreme!
Yes!  The crowd responds with awe at the musical conversation they listen in on.  Boooooooom!  Crowd embrace during Alive!  Throughout the song.  Then faint chanting in the background.  This is one of those concerts that starts with the encores.  Given to Fly in an encore!  That’s nice 🙂  Almost hear an embrace let through.  Some smidgen of an embrace during Daughter.  No tag, but there was a tag on BetterMan.  Hmm, could there be a potential pattern for tags, man or daughter?  I can hear the crowd with The Shades go down.  Hmmm, not tag, eh? 

Sleater-Kinney help with Harvest Moon.  I like Harvest Moon.  Sleater-Kinney sounds really good with this song.  Imagine ending a concert with this song instead of Yellow Ledbetter or Rockin’ in the Free World.  End the concert with the warm fuzzies 🙂  Harmonica, baby!
Yellow Ledbetter ends with a little Led Zeplin. 


March 9: Orioles (7) – Marlins (3)

Brob_030908BRob Baseball
BRob didn’t play.  You can find the recap hereBlogs, blogs everywhere!  I’m glad there is broohaha regarding the BRob trade.  If I couldn’t look for trade rumors, I’d have to pay more attention to the games 😀  First, I would read the Orioles MLB Fan Forum page, then find a Pearl Jam fan who is a baseball fan, who can educate me on the good the bad, and the Are You for Real of baseball.  I was a Yankees fan when they won the World Series in 1977.  What else is there?

I couldn’t wait to try out this Parmesan Black-Pepper biscotti.  It just SOUNDS great, doesn’t it.  Just like something you want to put on the side of a salad, or use to sop up extra spaghetti sauce from a holiday meal.  The recipe did not disappoint.

First, the black peppercorns.  It sounds kindof elitist to include a step to process black peppercorns when it’s easier to buy black pepper.  I did it anyway.  I put the 1.5 TBL of black peppercorns in the food processor and next to nothing happened.  The blade kept missing most of the peppercorns.  Then I put in a handful, and I got a bingo!  Even though many of the peppercorns were not processed, I just put what was in the food processor through a strainer and ended up with very nice black pepper spice; uniform in color, pungent, and fresh.  When you add the butter to the dry ingredients, just use your entire hands to mix it up.  It’s like playing in the sand box.  I thought that to make the ingredients into the coarse meal size that I should only use my fingertips, and work them very fast.  Eh, what’s the rush?  Try the whole hand, and make sure it is a distance from you that will not hurt your wrists.  Just go at it and have fun.  The entire hand will melt the butter.  I would recommend these.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Philadelphia, October 3, 2005 aka Philly 05Download from post #2, and expect greatness!  This bootleg is brought to you by the letters M and E as in ME!  This concert blew my mind!  It was the 9th Pearl Jam show I’d seen, and it was the first time that I realized that Pearl Jam is a truly exceptional concert band.  Before this show I would wait for the albums more than the concert tours.  The first 6 shows I saw were in Seattle and not very remarkable.  Remember Seattle is NOT the Gorge at George.  Then I saw a couple in St. John’s Newfoundland which were enjoyable, but there you go.  During this entire time my favorite concerts were a Bruce Springsteen concert and a Paul Simon concert.  Then there was Philly ’05, and it was truly life altering – a baptism of sorts. 

The setlist started with WashWash is a Lost Dog.  Again, what was the setlist creater thinking?  He knew that the crowd was comprised of dedicated Pearl Jam fans that would be loyal enough to buy a Bsides Rarities album like Lost Dogs.  Have you heard of Lost Dogs?  I suggest you try it out, it’s a great addition to the Pearl Jam CD catalog.  It’s apparent the show would be different from others just by starting with a Lost DogBrain of J was incredible!  Eddie saying later We were waiting for you, too when they went into Given to Fly.  As I was listening to the bootleg it was hard not to shout Yes! or Oh Yes! or Ohmygawd!, you know stuff like that.  I don’t remember most of the concert, but I remember that it was excellent.  This will probably be the only bootleg I transfer to my iPod shuffle. 

EvenFlow had some crowd noise Yeah, and Eddie saying Red Rover Red Rover Let Mike McCready Take Over, and Mike flowed into fireYea crowd, go crowd go!  More Eddie talk Well, that’s the Philadelphia we know and love right there.  Also, We’re picking songs tonight that we don’t play every night.  We’re just wondering if that’s what you want to hear.  Answer YES!  The men were present:  Leatherman, Better Man, Nothingman.  I don’t see  how this concert couldn’t stand up to European concerts.  I remember not knowing Bleed for Me either during the show or while listening to the bootleg.  It was a gap in understanding then and now.  The relationship between the band and the crowd could be explained with a metaphor:  Say, you drive 3 states north for the summer home you bought a few years ago.  You stay at this home for at least a month maybe 2 every summer.  A few years before you moved in another person bought their summer home 2 doors down from you.  They drive 3 states east to get there.  Since the homes are relatively close together when there is a nice sunset, and you see the neighbor the next day on your daily walk you both bring it up.  You don’t mix like relatives, but it’s a trust in the season, the time.  This neighbor sees you and knows that summer has begun.  This neighbor has been waiting all year for this time.  You see your neighbor and you know that summer has began; it’s what you have been waiting for all year.  That’s like the relationship I saw between Pearl Jam and Philadelphia that night.

I wish I could hear Harvest Moon live again.  I remember that I disagreed with Eddie when he considered Mary in Crazy Mary crazy (she’s just misunderstood), but I forgot about the payback he received.  Stone, you trooper! 

There is a nice story from Eddie on how Philadelphia helped Last Kiss become famous, and consequently money was raised for Kosovo victims.  Eddie introduced Do the Evolution as Leash.  That funny man!  hahahahahahahaha.  I LoVE Rockin’ in the Free World and Yellow Ledbetter as endings.

If given the option of a last meal or a last listen to this bootleg before I deparated this life, I would take listening to this bootleg.  Me, the one who bakes, and loves to eat.  Yep, it’s that good!