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April 5: Orioles (6) – Mariners (4)

BRob Baseball
BRob hit a pitch straight to the pitcher.  Nick steals a base!  I get to see it on the Big Screen at my twin’s.  Yippee!

Note to self:  I have to run so someone like me, who is inspired by BRob, can be inspired by me 🙂  Alas, if running didn’t involve waking-up-to-run.

Kevin Millar in an interview noted that the term rebuilding is an excuse for losing.  I’m paraphrasing here.  Each game should be played with the expectation to win. 

Players walk off the field with their heads down.  Are they in intense concentration?  Is the pitcher unhappy with his pitching?  I probably walked around with my head down, but I didn’t have confidence.  They have to have it!  C’mon people know you can do it!  Walk off the field with your head up!  Even the pitchers who just gave up many runs.  Look pissed, not remorseful.  I have to say that sometimes I think of a different solution to a problem, trying to think of a fix rather than look remorseful for a long time.  People don’t think I care, but in reality I care so much which is why I’m trying to find a fix.  I guess I don’t wear remorse well or for long periods of time. 

My dad used to turn off the volume on the TV when commentators were doing their thing.  I like the commentary though.  I can’t hear it during the Gameday option.

BRob called out on a 3rd base steal.  Not good, as he was safe, but . . . .then the other team had a sortof bad call against them.   At least according to the commentators.  Beltre slid off 2nd base.  He was called out.  According to the rules, it makes sense.  However, the commentators just tossed it up to an exchange of bad calls.

Interesting development when BRob was on 3rd and Nick was at bat.  It was a short hit, and BRob decided to go which got Nick on first.  BRob prolonged the exchange between Mariners and him so that Nick got to base.  I think Nick ended up at 2nd.  Anyway, if BRob had stayed at third there would be another out and one man at 3rd.  Instead there’s another out and one man at 2nd.  Hmmm, what do you think?

BRob 040308.JPG
BRob 040408.JPG
Cafe du Monde cafe o lait and beignets.  Ohlaalaa the beignets!  They are like zeppole but with a French name.  I had a couple orders of these bits of Heaven-on-Earth while I was in NOLA.  If I had brought my BRob Bobblehead, I would have sprayed it with powdered sugar; even before the people were laughing at me because I was covered in powdered sugar 🙂

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Bologna, Italy, September 14, 2006.  Start with Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town.  Interesting way to start a concert.  The crowd knows that song.  Nice crowd embrace during Animal.  Crowd as a whole not allowed through the bootleg compared to Milan.  Or was the crowd that different?  Concert starts for me with Severed HandGiven to Fly has a slight crowd embrace.  Nice version.  World Wide Suicide as a whole is a good concert song, but it’s lost steam here.  A little saving face with Save You.  Eddie working with the crowd to get more action.  Italian from Eddie with a little I mean mixed in 🙂  That didn’t sound Italian so I assume it was English thrown in to make a point.  Crowd hug during EvenFlow.  Even though it’s Mike’s solo the entire band is working really well here.  Go, Matt, Go!  I Am Mine is a good concert song, but it didn’t sound so good here.  Marker in the Sand is flat.  Complicated concert song, better on the album.  Sound engineer not getting crowd through on Green Disease.  Does the crowd not know it?  They know all the other songs.  First time I’m really relieved to hear Daughter.  I like Daughter, don’t get me wrong.  But who DOES NOT know Daughter?  It’s a great way to get to square one for all to be involved.  Crowd given a chance, but Eddie had to pick up the slack.  A little instrumental slipup.  Some call and response, but the crowd coverage broke easily.  Eddie asks Tuto OK?  Crowd sound not coming through.  Disjointed.  During Alone there is crowd joy, loud crowd embrace and pockets of joy.  Band sound engineered like a monolith.  If the crowd knew Alone then they should have had more engineered time to shine.  Whipping – Yippee!  There was a weird sound before the song started, and I realized someone was trying to impersonate a whip.  Present Tense had a nice sound.  I was screwing up my knitting so I can’t say more than that.

Nice Mike blip during Comatose.  Aha!  Here is the reason for the inconsistency of engineering, crowd noise, and song strength.  Eddie says to the crowd May I ask you something in English, please?  If it’s hard to breath up here it must be a little difficult down there.  Is everybody ok?  Eddie continues It’s really f**king hot in this room tonight.  It sounds like it’s an enclosed space, which could affect the engineering (?) and also the heat could affect the performance of the band and crowd.  He continues Alright, with my last breath . . . into Porch.  Nice band synergy.  During Black the crowd and Eddie are on the same page.  Everyone up to speed on Better Man and Alive.  Mikeness (?) at the beginning of Bu$hLeaguer.  Pearl Jam should play that song more to hear that Mikeness.  I understand the words better from a bootleg than from the album 🙂  Nice sound.  Disjointed where it’s meant to be.  Crowd ready for Why Go and Baba O’Riley.  Eddie’s voice is clear although tired (overheated?)  Ended good with the ability to wave his voice.  Baba O’Riley isn’t my favorite closure.  I think of closures as two songs worth:  Rockin in the Free World+Yellow Ledbetter or Rockin in the Free World+Indifference etc.


March 19: Orioles (3) – Cardinals (12)

Brob_0301908BRob Baseball
I’m not sure how he did, but it doesn’t look like most did that well.  You can find the recap here.  With good reason fans of the Cubs are laughing at Any McPhail and Jim Hendry.  The on-going process of this almost-not-really trade doesn’t seem professional – stringing along not just one player, but many players from both camps.

Well, brownies again, actually.  Same recipe as last post, but without the white chocolate chips, and walnuts.  It’s from the King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion, and they are called the On-the-Fence Brownies.  It was a co-workers birthday and I thought he would appreciate brownies more.  Although I have cake flour I wasn’t able to rush a cake together.  My other co-workers created a card with stamp-pad-imprints of our thumbprints that we turned into dogs and lions and cats Ohmy!

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Albany, New York, May 12, 2006.  You can download it here in post #4.  The crowd was ready from the getgo.  Severed Hand sounded really good.  Go Mikey Go!  Eddie spoke a lot before Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town.  Eddie sounded good.  The crowd was tracking along right with the band.  For Given to Fly there was a lot of energy from Mike, Matt and the crowd.  There was a crowd embrace through the bootleg on the fullest notes.  I was singing along right with it 🙂

Eddie talked before Red MosquitoEvenFlow had a nice crowd/band experience shine through the bootleg.  Nice kudos from Stone to Matt.  Nice crowd presence call and response for Daughter with the Another Brick in the Wall tag.  Crowd sounded like they were getting tired during Jeremy.  Before the encore Eddie said, Some of the people up front . . . I see the same ******* people everywhere we go!  Eddie describes the process of setlist making and calls the most avid fans freaks, but it’s meant as a compliment.

I wish I could see You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away live.  The crowd was right there tracking with the band.  Satan’s Bed is not the best concert song.  It doesn’t translate well for the bootleg as it seems a little chaotic.  This one’s for the freaks Eddie said before heading into Rats.  I like Rats 🙂  However, it seems that the bandmembers weren’t on the same page with the start (?)

I like the groovy beginning to PorchPorch is a great song to zone to and let the sound just carry you around.  It’s an inside-a-very-fast-car song, except when it’s time for a call and response.  Crowd missed a solo, but made up nicely in Last KissSad has a nice tempo for the end of a concert.  There was a slight screw up during Crazy Mary, there was a crowd embrace, a little weak.  The guitar sounded a little off during the beginning of Alive.  The crowd didn’t take the cue to sing, at least as evidenced by the bootleg production.  There was more crowd embrace at the end.  Chaotic finish.  All instruments in different directions.  The chant was there.  Eddie said You’re Great!, Albany!  Interesting, night, eh?

This bootleg was recommended, and it’s worthy of a recommendation.  However, after typing my notes it seems that it definitely wasn’t spot on, eh?

March 15: Orioles (6) – Marlins (7)

BRob Baseball
Here’s the recap.  Here’s some blogging gossip.

I’m falling behind, and trying to catch up.  Good thing it’s Spring Training, and like the teams I’m learning what I can do with what I have.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Gorge at George, Washington, #1, July 22, 2006.  You can download it from post #5 here.  It started with a Lost Dog, always a good sign.  The crowd noise wasn’t so prominent on the bootleg although I heard it was a great crowd.  It had the bookends:  Corduroy and Alive.  I consider them bookends more than say Yellow Ledbetter or Rockin’ in the Free World as bookends.  They just seem to match as an opening song and a closing song.  Eddie’s voice sounded really good.  Severed Hand grabbed my focus.  It was 116 degrees and it’s hot like a mother ******!-Per Eddie.  As a bonafide weather wimp those are words I never want to hear.  Considering how good the concert was – talk about dedication on the parts of all parties, eh?

Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town was great to sing-a-long to even over a year later.  Setlist Brought to you by a good friend of Mike’s Chris Adams.  During Daughter there was a speech about the weather and the war in Iraq and Eddie said Will you help remind me?  Into It’s Ok tag.  For this song that tag had more meaning than say a great call and response.  I’m not the biggest fan of Gone, but it’s a good song live.  There was crowd intereaction in Black, and snippets throughout, but the crowd presence was not captured through the bootleg overall.  Life Wasted sounded really good for 116 degrees.  Intersteller Mikeness during Blood.  Crowd embrace of Footsteps, great encore for crowd.  I wonder if encore lists are created separate from the main setlist?  Loud crowd embrace during Alive.  Two Singles songs in a row with State of Love and Trust and Chloe Dancer.  This Chloe Dancer dropped the energy of the concert.  The band synergy was really good during Mike’s solo during Porch.  That song was the concert.  For a true hint of the crowd, it’s best to go to what Eddie says, I think you’re great.  Don’t sell yourselves short.  This has to be one of the better Seattle crowds.  See, it’s the Gorge that’s good, not Seattle proper.  Eddie remarked on how some songs were first recorded as ****** songs, and maybe that’s why they don’t play them so much.  For the intro to Dirty Frank, he said, We’re going to play one for you right now

One of the lyrics is Where’s Mike McCready!  My God he’s been ate!  Truly incredible lyrics 🙂

Mike’s best Little Wing at the end of Yellow Ledbetter.

March 4: Orioles (10) – Cardinals (2)

Brob_030408_1BRob Baseball
Yea!  BRob played.  Here’s the recap and the beginning lineup.  What could a BRob post be without rumors?  Because I’m posting the games days after they occured, it’s interesting to see how the rumors develop and morph over time.

No disrespect to BRob, but I’m more of a Cardinals fan than an Orioles fan.  Also, the Cardinals have nicer colors.  I realized why I didn’t like the Orioles uniforms – it’s the orange.  It’s earthy and blends with the surroundings.  It doesn’t stand out.  Now, RED, there’s something to look at.  So, in honor of my parents 50 years of being Cardinals fans, I’m changing this to the Cardinals format. . . hopefully, I’ll change it to Cubs soon . . . I definitely have choice words on that situations.


This is a good tasting biscotti.  However, no matter how good they tasted, I’m not convinced of the multiple-format options of forming biscotti.  Also, it’s tough to use a recipe without ounces instead of cups.  I already had almonds slivered and roasted, and the recipe calls for 3/4 cups whole almonds.  If it was ounces the weight before they were slived would be the weight after they were slivered, and I wouldn’t have to guess.  Note to self – if I ever create a cookbook, must includes ounces.

Biscotti should be formed into logs not into pans – that’s a shortbread, not a biscotti.  Biscotti should be formed by hand.  I formed the dough into a log, and it spread so that the biscotti were very flat.  Again, they tasted really good, but there needs to be an adjustment so that the biscotti are actually biscotti.  The flavor almost has a maple syrupness to it, and the almond flavor didn’t really come through because the ginger was so prevalent.  Tastes like spicy gingerbread.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
San Diego, July 7, 2006, which is a bootleg that was recommended at least 2 times by other fans.  I consider this the golden rule of 2.  If at least 2 people recommend a bootleg during my short searches, then that’s it!  The best place to download this bootleg is here in post #5.

This concert was a story.  When I first started to hear it, I didn’t think the sound was as good as ones I’ve heard recently.  I was trying to see why it could be such a coveted bootleg, and yet there was a tiredness about it. 

One part of the story is that I want to bring all of my nieces/nephew to a PJ concert.  I get good seats thanks to my tenclub number and it’s probably the best thing I could offer them, and share with them.  Those experiences would become ongoing Thanksgiving coversations.  My twin’s daughters first PJ experiences were not live, though!  They were in the room when I was listening to this, and I think that’s pretty cool!  Yippee for internet travelling high-quality bootlegs 🙂  Also, the setlist was great.  No doubt about it, if bootleggers rely solely on setlist this would be up there.  Mike was on fire when given the chance.  The crowd seemed to put some spark in Eddie’s eyes during Better Man as he said the sound was f***ing beautiful after they sang it to him.  Satan’s Bed had a nice crowd reaction, and Eddie introduced it with meanings I never thought about.  You Are is a good concert groovy tune, just sway to it, and get your mindset back to square one for the next song.  In other words, it’s grounding for those that lost their way up to that point. 

Always, there are introductions to songs that continue the meaning, and it’s meaning that is the key.  For instance, in front of RearviewMirror Eddie sang, Never Going Back Again.  Anyone who would understand the situation the song is about would be validated in that choice.

The concert for me basically started after the first encore, and I would recommend the bootleg for the first encore alone.  Eddie spoke a while, and mentioned that there were health issues the previous concert.  No wonder he sounded tired.  He continued into describing how Long Road (words not available for some reason) came into fruition.  Stories like that pique my interest, and it made the song more moving.  The band seemed to have more energy as did the crowd.  All ended energetically throughout the stadium as evidenced on the bootleg.

February 29: Orioles (7) – Marlins (5)

Brob_022908_1BRob Baseball
I’m not able to listen to much of the game during work.  I am able to view the box score option at times, but it’s still during work, so I do what I can.  To find out what happened during this Spring Training game, please visit here, and here.


Biscotti of the day are Anise Biscotti.  I used rum and cognac instead of the other liquors.  The dough was a nice texture, and formed into a nice log.  It has a really nice anise flavor (again maybe a tad too much sugar), and they were hard as nails because the recipe does not call for butter.  I baked them an extra 5 minutes because I wanted them really dry.  If you use this recipe, and it’s a good recipe, remember to tell your guests that the NEED TO DUNK the biscotti or they will break teeth.

Pearl Jam Bootleg
Severed Hand is a great way to start a concert!  It was an excellent setlist.  I was in second row for this one, and I don’t really remember the entire setlist.  Listening to the bootleg, and I’m in heaven from the songs – Dissident, Immortality, and Alone (1.5 times.)  I kept asking my nephew, who I took to the concert, if he wanted to leave.  It was his first concert and he wasn’t expressing a lot of enthusiasm.  However, he was more annoyed at me for continously asking him:)  Good thing we didn’t leave or else I wouldn’t have heard ALONE, and he wouldn’t have been thrown Mike’s pic, and Eddie’s tambourine.  On the bootleg I can hear the crowd during Immortality . . . I will scream my lungs out . . . man, that’s excellent.  For setlist I would give this a 4/5.  I was too worried about my nephew during the concert to give it more than a 3/5 for memories.  You can download it here, just find the June 1, 2006 date.

February 28: Orioles (3) – Marlins (16)

Brob_022808_1BRob Baseball
Within the first Spring Training game, BRob went 1 for 2 with a run and an RBI double, and two steals.  For more information, please visit here, here, and here.


Biscotti of the day are Hazelnut Biscotti.  I started with skinned hazelnuts.  They were still quite damp after the first baking, so I didn’t turn the heat down that much.  I didn’t have self-rising cake flour, and I think I can only get it online anyway.  If baking biscotti become a hassle this project will be tedious 🙂  I kept the silipat on even though the recipe creater suggests that the cookie sheet lining be removed.  They were dark on the bottom when I turned them over during the second baking, but they ended up ok, anyway.  Hard as nails.  I brought them into work, and wrote a nice big sign to DUNK or else my co-workers might break teeth.  The BRob Bobblehead is posing with the hazelnut biscotti.  I’d suggest this recipe.  I’d give it a 3/5.

Pearl Jam Bootleg

Why I decide to include music as part of these posts is because I was listening to Santana’s Samba Pa Ti, and I thought EVERYONE should listen to it.  I was going to burn a CD with baking music, but then I decided that Boston ’06 #1 would be a great way to start this BRob Bobblehead Baking project.  A bootleg lasts the time of baking a batch of biscotti.  There are more than enough bootlegs to last a long time of baking biscotti, and listening to games.

At the concert I was in front row with a work collegue, and it was just amazing!  No wonder people like front row 😀  You can download the FLAC, and there should be places to download the MP3.  I would recommend it.  It’s 4/5 just for the memories.  Speaking of memories, because it’s been so long since I was there the first few songs I wasn’t feeling emotionally charged, but then along came Even Flow, Sad, Why Go, Crazy Mary, ALIVE!!! – then I was back in front row, and just having a blast!  When Eddie introduced the band, and he said “STOOOOOONE GOSSARD!” that made this baking experience.  Also, as it was the first bootleg for this BRob Bobblehead Biscott project, I have a feeling this season is going to be great!