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Game #3 Orioles/Rays

Congratulations to Zach Britton on his major-league debut.  And, congratulations to the O’s for keeping their sites on the sweep.  I don’t like to say one team swept another as it adds a negative element to the entire process.  However, I guess that’s what the baseball players are saying, eh?

I decided that today was the day I would eat my last bag of frito-lay products until the end of the marathon.  As I walked from work to the metro with the orange tips of my fingers dipping and dipping into the bag of cheese puffs I wondered, Why am I doing this?  This evaluation of my actions compared to those of what I consider to be the actions of a runner is quite the lifestyle change.

For instance, I decided to complete a coffee adventure after work.  Because I completed a coffee adventure after work, I didn’t have time to run.  I have to recognize what time is most important for completing what activity.  During baseball season I should run in the night, except on weekends.  I should wake up early to travel to coffee adventures.  I printed out some pages from Yelp.com of brunch places that open at 6am . . . to get the ball rolling.